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Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "dice". This week I'm starting the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series, Heavyweight.
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**Warning...this excerpt contains adult language.**
Sam heard a rustle in the grass outside. He sighed. Since his cabin was right next to Caleb and Meg’s and his bedroom window was within feet of their porch, he often heard them come and go. Cay must have kicked his wife out of bed to take care of their daughter. Fucking asshole.
That was until Sam heard a very male voice start to sing. The tune was soft, sweet like a lullaby. He strained to hear the melody, to make out the words. He busted out laughing.
Cay was serenading Ruby with the greatest hits of Eminem. Curse words and everything. Sam shook his head as he still chuckled. He tossed the covers off, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and strolled through his cabin until he was outside.
“Seriously, dude,” Sam teased. “Are the lyrics to ‘Rock a Bye Baby’ too much for you?”
Caleb’s head popped up as he stopped singing. He was dressed only in a pair of jeans. The images inked into his skin were hardly discernible in the early summer morning dark. His shaggy dark hair was more rumpled than usual. Cradled in his arms nestled against his chest was a tiny baby wrapped snug in a pink blanket. A pacifier bounced up and down as she sucked.
The whole scene was enough to make the average red-blooded human female’s ovaries explode with need. Too bad for the rest of the women on the planet. Cay was the first Hallow to be eternally mated. And Meg would kick their ass.
Caleb shrugged at Sam. “I don’t remember what the fuck Momma used to sing to us. All I could remember was Eminem.” He forced a smile. “Sorry we woke you.”
“Eh, it was probably that old fuck Roscoe. I wish that old bird would up and croak.”
“With us boys, I’m surprised he’s still alive. It’s still dark. You could probably get back to sleep.” Caleb freed a finger to brush a lock of hair from Ruby’s forehead. “We will be.”
Sam shook his head. “I’m too wired now. I’ll try to doze but I won’t get a good sleep. I’m going to the club tonight. I’ll get a good sound sleep after a good fuck.”
Caleb cocked a grin at him. “You’re rolling the dice that you’ll find a woman who will let you sleep instead of trying to fuck your brains out?”
Sam chuckled. “Either option sounds like a winner to me.” Sam strode across the grass to press a butterfly kiss to his niece’s forehead. “Get her back to bed and go snuggle your pretty wife.”

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Hey everyone! I'm back with Tuesday Tales! Today's picture prompt is "air". We're visiting Micah and Eve in my second book of the Hallow Brothers Series.
**Just a warning...this excerpt has adult language. And it's a little long.**

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"Leroy took the microphone then motioned both sides to him. Micah studied the group approaching them. They all had long, straight dark hair that fell to their waists. Each was dressed in jeans and t-shirts just like the brothers. Their deep brown eyes and angular faces looked eerily familiar. Micah frowned then shot a look over his shoulder at Josiah, Samuel and Caleb. They looked just as confused as he was.
“Where are these guys from?” Samuel questioned.
“Maine,” Josiah answered.
“Wasn’t Dad from Maine?”
Leroy grinned as he addressed the rowdy crowd. “It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, ladies and gents. In eight weeks, these two men will step into the cage and go to war. Whoever leaves the victor will be the middleweight champ. How excited are you to see this?”
There was a roar from the mob below loud enough to shake the walls. Leroy continued. “Don’t forget to get your tickets. We’re almost sold out. You don’t want to miss this.”
Micah looked down to see Deacon’s evil grin. He sighed before taking a step closer until he was nearly nose to nose with his opponent. The smile on the guy’s face terrified him.
Leroy motioned to Micah. "On my left, from north of here, is Micah Hallow. You know him and him infamous brothers. On my left is Roman Lycan. He and his team have traveled all the way from Maine for this fight and have taken over Austin Graves’s gym to train."
Roman cocked his head at Micah and only spoke loud enough for him to hear. “So you’re Micah? I should have known.”
“So? What the fuck about it?” Micah demanded as he felt his blood run cold. “How could you possibly know who I am?”
Roman just smiled without answering. He dropped into the customary fight stance for pictures.  Micah near growled. “Who the hell are you?”
Leroy nudged Micah. “Just get into fight stance for pictures, Mike.”
Micah stared from one man to the other then slowly lowered into stance. Flashes from a sea of cell phone cameras pierced his eyes. Once Leroy patted him on the shoulder, he slowly raised and retreated back to his brothers, his eyes never leaving Roman.
Caleb wrapped his arm around his shoulders and tugged him towards the steps. “Let’s get out of here. You made your entrance. Now let’s get your head figured out so you can kick that creepy punk’s ass.”
“Noah and David will meet us outside with the ladies in a few moments. We need to go,” Littlefoot added.
Micah glared one last time at Roman before following Littlefoot and his brothers from the stage and through the club. Hands reached out to touch him. Each stray finger caused his stomach to flip.
A painful grip pinched his shoulder. “The quicker you get through, the faster it’s over,” Caleb advised.
“You?” Micah asked.
“I’m about to hurl. So let’s go.”
Micah grabbed his brother’s arm and quickened his steps, passing the others. He didn’t stop until the cold winter air bit through him.
“Thanks,” Caleb said as he slumped against the frost covered bricks of the building.
“No problem,” Micah replied. “We’re the only ones struck with the same affliction.”

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Hey everyone! I'm back with Tuesday Tales! Today we have a picture prompt. We're visiting Micah and Eve in my second book of the Hallow Brothers Series.
**And by the looks of my picture prompt you can tell this excerpt has adult language and is a little risqué.**
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Eve wrapped the towel around her and knotted it. Sitting on the bed, she watched the door anxiously. She could hear the scuttle of his feet as he approached followed by the click of the switch as he flipped the lights off. Of course the son of a bitch didn’t come out wearing a towel. The one he did hold barely covered the the part of his body Eve had just been on her knees paying homage to. She mindlessly flicked the knot she had just tied undone and let the towel around her fall to the bed. She sat back just to take the beauty of his nearly naked body. Swirls of ink etched his skin enough to be beautiful and not obnoxious. He had perfectly etched muscles. His hair was dark and thick and his eyes, when they worked, were a deep, chocolate brown. And his cock… Eve could only moan. He was strong. He was dominant. He was sexy beyond imagination.
And somehow he’s my mate.
Micah’s voice was a deep rumble when he spoke. The sound sent a shiver of anticipation through her. “I hear you.”
“Then come get me.”
Before Micah could take a step there was a knock on the front door of the cabin. “What the…” he grumbled under his breath. He cleared his throat as he knotted the towel around his waist. “What is it?”
“Are you about ready?” Josiah shouted through the door.
“Why would we be ready?” Micah turned towards Eve. “What time is it?”
Josiah and Eve seemed to give the same answer at the same time. “It’s five o’clock.”
“Oh, shit. We have to go. How fast can you get dressed?” He angled back to the front door. “Give is a minute, Joe. We’ll be right out.”

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Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
​This week we're back with Micah and his mate Eve in Middleweight. The word for the week is "point". I hope you enjoy! **And a warning - there is some adult language.**
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Eve didn’t move from her spot on the bathroom floor but kept her gaze locked on the closed door. She could hear the nightmare stomp and grunt outside in the hallway. She had no idea what time it was. It was late and sleep fought to get the better of her.  She thought of the beast that trapped her in here. Exhaustion fled leaving her wide awake.
A soft glow appeared from the crack under the door. It must have been morning. Eve strained to listen for any noise coming from outside the bathroom. She couldn’t hear anything at all. She slowly stood but her knees still buckled underneath her. She fell back to her knees still shaking. She had never seen something so horrifying in her life. If she had to she would crawl out of these woods. Her heart leapt into her throat. Had that thing found Micah? Was her lover all right or did that thing kill him? She scuttled across the cold tile floor. 
She grabbed the doorknob and twisted it, ripping the door open. She slumped to her ass dumbfounded. Micah sat with his back against the wall in his beautiful naked glory. He had a hand buried in his thick hair. Between her fear and the desire flooding her, Eve couldn’t even swallow.
Micah’s voice was a low growl. “Surprise.”
Eve pointed a trembling finger at him. Then she directed it towards the living room then the bedroom. Where the hell did that thing go? “What was that thing? That beast?”
“That beast was me. I told you not to come up here.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m a werewolf.”
“And those other…things?”
“The one who tried to attack you was Abraham. He hasn’t learned to control the blood lust yet apparently.”
“The the two that stopped me from leaving?”
“Josiah and Caleb. Caleb fell for a girl. When she saw him she took off running and fell to her death. Before Meg. They were stopping you from doing the same thing.”
“I’ve got to go.” Eve gripped on the side of the sink to pull herself to her feet. Micah scooped her into his arms before she could collapse again. His touch sent molten fire through her veins.
“Next time you need to listen to me,” he warned.
She didn’t speak. She tugged his mouth to hers, smothering his with a deep, wet kiss.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! I have great news and an apology. In my last few Tuesday Tales we've been learning about Caleb and Meg in Welterweight. Well...my publisher, Hartwood Publishing, picked up Welterweight and its two sequels!!! Yay!
​But the apology? I've finished Welterweight. So you'll have to wait to see what happens with Caleb and Meg. :)
​This week, however, we get to meet Micah, Caleb's older brother, and his mate Eve. The word for the week is "snow". I hope you enjoy! **And a warning - there is some adult language.**
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Eve gritted her teeth as her bike dipped and bounced around on the dirt road up through the dense forest. Despite the presence of so many pine trees, the ground was nearly covered with fallen leaves. Even though the carpet of reds, golds and oranges were beautiful in the twilight glow, she nearly wiped out on her motorcycle three times. Shit. This is going to be a bitch when the snow falls. And I’m not about to go buy a car.
The urge for Micah that normally filled her resonated harder than it ever had. Her whole body was on fire and he was the only cure. She could already feel his lips on her skin, his teeth nipping at her breast. She needed him now. His ridiculous talk about her being his mate didn’t matter. Maybe his lack of sex has made him delusional. I can fix that.
The moon was already peeking over the tops of the trees when she reached the camp. The place was deserted. All the lights in the cabins were off. The brothers’ vehicles were lined up where they normally were. She huffed irritated. “This is it,” she muttered. “What the hell was Meg so worried about? Me waking them up? Where the hell are they?”
She froze when she heard the deep, heavy pant behind her. It was accompanied by a snarl. Her heart clenched in her chest almost driving the desire out of her. She slowly turned to face whatever bear or wolf cornered her.
She gasped in terror as she laid eyes on the beast. On all fours it was taller than her. It was covered in coarse fur. Razor sharp fangs shot up past its upper lip. Thick claws pawed the ground angrily. It snorted and stomped just before it charged.
Eve screamed as a second beast, bigger and stronger than the first,  collided into it knocking it to the ground. She backpedalled away from the monsters to slam into a third even bigger than the first two. It growled deeply before it padded to the second one. The two of them made a horrifying wall of feral, nightmarish animal blocking her from her bike.
Eve spun on her toe to sprint away. She needed to run fast and far from this nightmare. Instead she found herself face to face with a fourth. Her fear went to war with her need for sex. She watched the fourth beast strain to focus on her. With what sounded like a sigh to her, the beast leaned in and nudged her. The touch sent delicious shivers through her. She shook her head. What the hell was happening to her?
She backed away from the unholy pack towards the cabin. The fourth followed beside her guiding her towards a cabin. She glanced at the structure. It was Micah’s.
The beast followed as she climbed the steps and scurried through the cabin. The sound of shredding wood followed her. She was trapped. She would be an easy kill for it now. Glancing at the door of the bathroom, she took off for it. The room was far too small for it to get into. It was her only hope.
When she turned she found the beast in the doorway of the bathroom. Eve’s knees gave. She crumpled to the floor shaking. It huffed as it raised a dangerous claw to her. It didn’t slash at her. Instead, it caught the door knob. In one quick, sharp motion it slammed the door closed.
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "island". We are back with my NaNoWriMo, Welterweight. 
​**Warning! There is a little bit of adult language.**

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​“Caleb, you need to rest and heal,” Micah called after him.
He ignore Micah as he strode across the camp, not stopping until he reached the family building. He threw open the doors to the gym then searched for the gloves he left there before the full moon. He strapped them on each hand then approached a punching bag. He threw a punch. His body reverberated in pain. He sucked in a breath and threw another. He cringed in response.
He kept throwing combinations despite the agony. He couldn’t stop to think. Dwelling on her would be too much. I knew it was too good to be true. I am such a dumbass.
He stopped to take a breath, to force the pain away. As he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, he caught something in his peripheral vision. He turned to find his entire family standing there watching him. Momma was wringing her hands together like every time she was anxious.
“Caleb, you need to stop,” Josiah demanded.
“I need to destroy this son of a bitch,” he replied. “I’ll show her who the real man is.”
“Not if you’re too broken to fight.”
Caleb ran his hands through his hair. “Explain it to me. I thought once you mate, you mate for life. Why has my mate left me?”
“I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. I’ll do the research. I’ll figure it out. Just don’t kill yourself in the process. Let us help. You’re not an island like you’ve forced yourself and others to believe your entire life. We’re your family.”
Caleb sighed heavily. “I’d rather be dead than be without her. I told Littlefoot this mating thing was a curse. I wish I was free of it. Now, please. Get out so I can train or help me get ready. Your choice.”
His family stared at him speechless. One by one, all of his brothers except Josiah turned for the door.
Caleb shook his head and snorted. “Should have known you’d all turn your back on me.”
Joshua spun back at him with a scowl. “I can’t speak for the others, but I’m not training with you in jeans, you asshole. Have the courtesy to let us change.”
Caleb cocked a grin. It was forced but it was there. “Sure. Go get ready. Not that it’ll help.”

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "bread". We are back with my NaNoWriMo, Welterweight. 
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Things didn’t change over the next couple days. Caleb was long gone when Meg woke up, leaving her alone for most of the day. To keep herself busy, she baked – cookies, brownies, bread, and anything else that Momma suggested. The smell attracted every member of the family. Only Caleb showed up snarling and about to rip her head off. But when the sun was gone, she was met with sweet, passionate kisses and a plea to come to bed.
She was joined for eternity to Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde.
Her phone lit up with messages. Her boss demanded to know why she didn’t show up for work. Her friends left countless messages wondering where she ran off to. Austin left profanity laced accusations. The only message she returned was to her boss so she could quit. Now she was unemployed and living with a family of supposed werewolves.
Could life get anymore stranger?
She had been living at the camp for a week when she woke up to her backpack thudding to the floor beside the bed. She rubbed her eyes to get rid of the sleep then looked up. Caleb stood over her, his arms folded over his chest.
“Get up. Get dressed. You’re leaving,” he told her with a snarl.
She nearly flew out of bed. “You’re kicking me out?” she demanded.
“Yes. The full moon is tonight. Get ready to go. We leave in a couple of hours to take you and Momma to Sharky’s. From there, he or Littlefoot will take you to Aunt Edith and Aunt Edna’s.”
“Oh.” She cocked her head at him. “I’m surprised you’re not at the gym.”
“No sense in starting a work out so I have to stop.”
“So you’re taking me there.”
“We’re taking you both there. Don’t read into it.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it, sunshine. I know you don’t like me unless I’m in bed with you.”

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Hello again and welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "town". Today I'm veering away from Fighter Girlz to share some of my NaNoWriMo, Welterweight. It's MMA and werewolves...you get the idea.
**A word of warning. There is some language. And it's a little long.**

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​Meg stepped down and wandered across the camp. She turned as she heard someone call out to her. She turned to find one of the Hallow brothers striding towards her. He looked older than Caleb. Wavy, black hair framed his face. His t-shirt wrapped around his chiseled muscles. A pair of faded jeans hung off his hips. He was sexy for certain. But not Caleb sexy. Or at least not to me.
“Yes?” Meg questioned.
He smiled at her and offered his hand. “I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Josiah. I’m the oldest of the seven.”
Meg slowly grinned as she shook his hand. “Josiah, huh? I’ve heard of you.”
“I’m sure you have. I’m not Caleb’s favorite brother.”
“No, you’re not. I would guess you’re his least favorite.”
“I ride his ass to keep him in line. Thankless job, really.”
“Well, I thank you.”
“I appreciate it. Has my little brother given you a tour of your new home?”
“Only his bedroom.”
Josiah offered her his crooked elbow. “Well then, may I do the honors?”
Meg looped her arm in his. “Absolutely.”
Josiah led her to the far edge of the camp towards the rows of wooden boxes. “This is our garden. Since we live so remotely, we only get to the market in town once a week. We grow and harvest our own vegetables. We preserve as much as we can for the winter.”
“You drive three hours to go to the store?” Meg asked incredulously.
“There’s a small town just down the road from Sharky’s. Next time we go I’ll take you with us, but it will probably after the full moon.”
“What’s the big deal about the full moon?”
“During the full moon, my brothers and I aren’t great company to be around.”
“You change.”
“Yes. And you and my mother will go visit my aunts. Just a word of warning, my mother and aunts are devout Bible thumpers. Bring a book.”
“I could just go home.”
“As you wish. But who’s going to take you? Didn’t you stowaway in Caleb’s truck?”
“I’ll take that.”
“Good luck. He loves his truck. It may be a steaming piece of shit but it’s his. Besides, it’s best if you just go with Momma. You won’t know when it’s over and we can’t have you come back too early.”
Meg laughed. “I can read a calendar.”
“But can you resist that pull, that need to be joined to your mate?”
Meg stayed silent. It was true. Caleb was a grade A asshole but she couldn’t stay away. 

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Here it is! I'm so excited to share this with you. Here's a sneak peek of Family Ties!

Students bounced off each other like pinballs as they passed each other in the halls. Ame huddled next to Ava as they weaved around the other kids on their way to their next classes. The chatter was deafening. She never usually looked up as she shuffled through the main foyer. Hearing her name through the noise, her head popped up.
Three men stood at the attendance window. Two were dressed entirely in black. The third was dressed in an expensive suit and tie. He held a smug smile on his lips as her talked to the secretary at the attendance office.
“Who are you again?” the secretary pressed.
“I am Amelia’s uncle, Oliver.”
“I don’t have an Uncle Oliver on Amelia O’Riley’s authorized pick-up sheet. Let me call her mother.”
“That’s not necessary. I have the authorization note signed by my sister.” The man slid a piece of paper across the counter. The secretary picked it up with a skeptical frown. It faded away into a smile.
“Yes, you do. I didn’t know Abbey O’Riley had a brother. You have an accent. British?”
“Yes. We share the same father. Could I get my niece? We are running late for our appointment.”
“Of course. Let me find Ame’s schedule and I’ll get her.” The secretary turned to her computer and typed furiously.
Ame frowned. She never heard of an Uncle Oliver. Ava leaned against her. “Who are they?”
“I don’t know. My mom told me she’s an only child.”
“Ame, you can’t go with them.”
“I’m not.”
“Would they have stopped at the other schools?”
Fear seized Ame’s heart. “Ethan. Colin. Aubrey and Liam…”
“Give your books to me and go.”
Ame piled her books into Ava’s arms, breathing a silent thanks to her friend. She raced out the nearest door, leaving the bustling school to its normal day as she sprinted across the grass to the drive that led to the other schools.
Hoping the lofty branches over the tree lined drive would hide her, Ame hurried down the hill to the elementary school. The bell signaling the end of recess echoed across the playground. Teachers shepherded the rowdy children still bouncing full of energy between them back into the building. She ran across the lawn to the group. “Missus Smith!”
“Amelia, what are you doing down here?” the teacher questioned.
“Where is Aubrey and Liam?”
“Liam is already in the building. Aubrey is hiding like usual. Shouldn’t you be in class?.”
“I’ll find her. She’ll come out for me.”
The teacher looked at her warily. “All right. I’m going to help get the rest of the children into the building. I’ll be right inside the door. Bring her to me then get back to class.”
“Of course, Missus Smith.”
Ame’s heart slammed in her chest as she raced back to the playground. She called out her little sister’s name as she searched frantically. A whimper stopped her dead in her tracks. She looked up the slide. Beneath the mouth of the tunnel, Aubrey huddled with her tiny arms wrapped around her legs. She stared at her older sister with big, blue eyes.
“Aubrey, come down,” Ame demanded as she pointed to the ground. “Please. Now.”
The little girl shook her head, her black curls bobbing around her face.
“Come on, Aubrey. We have to go inside. I think we’re in danger. Please…”
Chills ran up Ame’s spine as a voice approached from behind her. She turned slowly to find the three men that asked for her standing there, the one named Oliver wearing an evil grin. “Look what we’ve found, boys,” he chuckled. He wrapped his hand around Ame’s wrist and tugged her to him. She stiffened as she felt the point of a blade poke her beneath her chin.
Her captor looked up the slide to Aubrey. “Come on, sweetheart. You don’t want me to hurt your big sister, do you?”
The only reply he got was a squeak. Aubrey straightened herself, slid down the slide, and walked to Ame, clasping her little arms around Ame’s waist in terror. She looked up with tear filled eyes. “I’m scared,” she whimpered.
“Me too,” Ame breathed.
“Ok, girls,” Oliver began. “See that white van over there.” He pointed at the nose of a beaten up white van peeking from the tree lined lane. “We’re going for a ride.”
Ame never heard someone approach over the thundering of her racing heart. There was the sound of a scuffle. Before Oliver could turn them, a voice greeted them.
“Like hell you are.”
Ame gasped as she noticed Oliver’s spine straighten. She knew that voice but there was no way it could be… She carefully glanced around her captor to the source.
Abbey stood beside them dressed in her business suit for the office. Oliver’s accomplices were doubled over on the ground. Her mother had a very dangerous looking pistol pressed against Oliver’s temple. “I don’t know who the hell you are, but please take the knife away from my daughter’s throat. Because if I see you so much as flinch I’ll put a bullet in your brain.”
Oliver laughed, a wicked twinkle glimmering in his chocolate brown eyes. Ame breathed a sigh of relief as he lowered the knife. “Abigail O’Riley, I was hoping you would be the one they would send. I’ve been dying to meet you. If you haven’t noticed, beautiful, you’re outnumbered.”
One of the other men stumbled to his feet and reached for his gun. Before he could pull it free, Abbey slipped her hand beneath her skirt, whipping out the pistol in the holster wrapped around her thigh. She pointed it at him. “And if you know me that well, you know I’m not alone. There are sniper rifles pointed at each of you right now. Now I have a question for you. Do you have anyone in that van of yours?”
“Why would I tell you?” Oliver questioned.
“Because if there are, you’ll want to get them out. Now. Call it my Good Samaritan moment of the day.”
Ame heard the faint buzz of a motorbike approaching. It was barely audible over her stampeding heart. She was trying to stay brave for her little sister but she knew the little girl could feel her shake. Snipers? Where did Mom come up with snipers? And why is she holding those guns? Has she done this before? Does Daddy know about this?
“Amelia, Aubrey, get down,” Abbey gently instructed.
Both girls stood stone still. The sound of the motorbike grew louder. Abbey glanced out of the corner of her eye at her daughters. “Girls, I said get down. Now.”
The buzz of the motor tore everyone’s attention away. Ame watched as large figure dressed in black raced up the drive lined for a direct collision with the van. In a fluid motion, he laid the bike on its side. Sparks erupted from the scraping metal as the man kicked the bike away and tumbled onto the lawn. Abbey used the second of distraction to land a roundhouse kick into the belly of one of the captors. Ame gaped as she watched her mother incapacitate the three, leaving a particularly wicked elbow for Oliver’s chin, strong enough to cut him open. She flew to the ground and tugged the girls to her to shield them.
The explosion was hard to miss. The van erupted in flames sending a fireball into the sky past the line of trees. The roar was quickly followed by the tinkling sound of shattering glass as several of the school windows blew apart. Aubrey screamed and clung to her mother. Ame pulled her head free enough to look.
The motorbike rider slowly rose from the ground like a demon from the flames. He brushed the dirt from his suit then strode across the lawn toward them. Ame quaked inside. She could only squeak one word. “Dad?”

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Today we're back with Fitz and Dani in Enemy Linez. Our word prompt is "gold".
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Dani’s flip flops slapped each of the light blue painted cement stairs with each step she took. She heaved a sigh as she shrugged her shoulder in a hopeless attempt to nudge her duffle to a more comfortable spot. The sounds of grunts, groans and vinyl being struck greeted her. Usually it was a sound that made her so happy. Today nothing could break her out of her funk.
Fitz disappeared while she was in the bathroom. He punctuated his departure with the slam of the door. His breakfast laid untouched on the coffee table. She reminded herself over and over it was just a one night stand. She couldn’t be with him. What would her team say? These men and women were closer to her than her own family. Her dating a member of Diamondhead? It was inconceivable.
It didn’t stop the tears though. She slumped on her bed and cried. Finally she pulled herself together enough to get dressed and head to practice.
As she hit the top step her eyes met with Ryan’s. She huffed. Great, of all the people to meet me this morning…
He cocked his head at her. “What’s up, buttercup?”
Dani averted her gaze to the gold champion belts that hung on the wall. There sure were a lot of them. Her’s now hung near the top, the newest to a prestigious collection. She hoped he didn’t notice her swollen eyes. “Nothing.”
“Right. You’ve been crying.”
“I have not.”
“Bullshit. What’s wrong, Dani?”
“I said nothing. Why can’t you take my word for it?”
“Because I know you, Dani. Remember?”
“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.”
“Whatever. Go get ready. We start in five minutes.”
“Fine.” She toed off her flip flops and stormed across the mats to the women’s locker room.
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