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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language and adult situations.**
Then the last eve of the year arrived.
Juliet hurried home from the palace as twilight set. There were divots in the drifts left by bootsteps and the blades of the sleighs. The warm glow beaming out of the windows of the houses along the Paris streets looked almost like modern day streetlights through the thick snow laden boughs of the trees in the park. She couldn’t wait until she was in her own home next to the fire. Antonius was coming. The thought left her heart aflutter.
He arrived at her apartment shortly after she did. He didn’t say a word. He kissed her hard and deep as he slowly undressed her. She was mindless with need in his embrace. She didn’t notice the words that tumbled out of her mouth.
She told him that she loved him.
He asked as he feasted on her body how long she would love him.
She vowed with a moan that she would love him until the day she died.
He questioned as he buried himself deep inside her if she would love him for eternity. Would she belong only to him, serve him, worship him for eternity?
She cried out her promise as the rush overcame her. Yes, she would.
He gently turned her neck to the side as he grunted out his release. She felt his teeth scrape her flesh.
Juliet gasped for air as Ares’s broke the kiss. She scrambled across the bed until she was perched in the furthest corner from him. She curled herself in a ball without taking her gaze off him. What she felt for Antonius was what she sensed from Ares. Except it was so much stronger.
Love. She felt love. But was it from him? Or was it resonating from her? Whoever it came from, it was the most intense emotion she ever felt.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "frost". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet followed him deeper into the palace. They hadn’t reached the throne room before he turned back to face her. Juliet hardly opened her mouth to greet him when he kissed her hard and deep. She clung to him for dear life as he gripped her close then pressed her against the wall with his body.
If only then she had realized he had fangs.
When they parted breathless from each other, he introduced himself as Antonius. He already knew who she was and he was prepared to pay her as much as she wanted to spend the night with her.
And what a night. No small talk, no games. Just the rawest, most decadent sex she ever had. The man was insatiable. The heat between them was undeniable. He fucked her until just before sunup then disappeared as she dozed off.
Antonius filled her bed every night for the next couple of weeks. He told her she was beautiful. He called her a goddess, a priceless work of art. He lauded her for her ruthlessness with the other men and women in the palace. He promised he would want her for eternity.
As each night with him passed, her feelings for him changed. They were no longer cold and professional, a woman pleasing a man for money. No. They were warm, sensual, powerful. She never felt that way about anyone else ever in her life. She didn’t want him to leave her when he slipped out from beneath her sheets. She begged him to stay. He always silenced her with a chaste kiss on her lips then disappeared into the night.
The other courtesans that gave into the notion of being a man’s mistress spoke of the concept of love. Was that was what she was feeling for Antonius?
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "frost". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Ares lifted her up and guided her legs around his waist. Then he carried her back to the bed. He laid her down then stretched out beside her.
“That connection with you,” Juliet murmured.
“I know,” he replied. “I want to try something.”
“What do you want to try?”
He nuzzled his nose against hers as he brushed his mouth across hers. She arched up for his kiss. He pulled away and smiled. “I want to know what you were like when you were mortal.” He gathered her in his arms until she was molded against him. “Trust me, Juliet. Relax.”
She was lost in his kiss before she could question his motives. Her mind clouded, her thoughts jumbled. Everything was just Ares. She was lost in his scent, his touch, his taste.
Suddenly she felt a chill. It wasn’t the typical cold that came from being a vampire. It felt like winter, or at least the beginning of it. The image in her mind cleared. She was in Paris outside the palace. There was frost on the grass beneath her feet. It would snow two days later. She remembered the day well.
She had just dismissed a regular lover after he paid her handsomely. It had been a long night of drinking, conversation and the kinkiest sex he had ever been exposed to. She bid him goodbye then slept until the sun set. She dined on the finest of pastries before wrapped herself in her brand new shawl and made her way out into the night.
Juliet saw him the moment she stepped foot inside the palace. He had blond hair pulled back by a thin leather cord and wore fine clothes. His skin was paler than most. From across the room his ice blue eyes pierced her. He intrigued her more than most of the men that came into the king’s presence. She would have to work a little harder for this one. Not that it mattered. She was the most desired, highest paid courtesan in the palace.
If she wanted him, she’d get him. And there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted him.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "thank". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Ares was staring at her as he rubbed his fist with his free hand. He was dressed in a white linen shirt half unbuttoned to show a peek of his sculpted chest and a pair of black slacks. The cuffs of the shirt were rolled up to his elbows and an undone bow tie hung around his neck.
Juliet smirked. “Where are my clouds?”
“Gone,” Ares replied.
“So the basic decor of the Ancient Greek gods is gothic haunted house? I feel like I’m back in Hades VIP room.”
“There’s nothing wrong with my decor.”
She frowned. “What’s wrong with you?”
He was silent for a long moment. “Nothing.”
“There is something obviously wrong. Tell me.”
He stood and stalked away. “Nothing you need to fucking worry about. So don’t.”
“Are we having a Olympus sized temper tantrum?”
He spun at her. The ground beneath the bed shook and a bolt of lightning pierced the sky above. “Juliet, enough.”
She bit her lower lip as she gathered the sheet around her and scooted off the bed. She pushed too far. She admitted it. But sometimes Ares was too pompous for his own good.
She crossed the cave until she was just beneath his nose. “Thank you for defending me against Dillion. You could have turned me over to him. But I can’t be second to Aphrodite. You love her. I get that. I know what’s going on between us is just fun for you but…”
Her words were cut off by his mouth on hers. He gripped the sheet and pried it from her hands. He let it fall to the floor then pulled her bare body against him. He tasted like the finest whiskey but that wasn’t what shook her.
She sensed something from him. It was powerful, more powerful than any emotion she ever felt from herself. If engulfed her in its wave and drowned her in the wake. It filled every pore of her with blazing heat. She didn’t know what it was. If she ever felt this, it was hundreds of years before she was cursed.
All she knew is that she never wanted it to stop.

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet nearly tumbled out of bed when she felt the soft fabric caress her naked body. She fought the fog that smothered her senses. She glanced sleepily around the cave. Instead of the brilliant, blue sky above her head she was surrounded by gauzy creme colored curtains. The flames from the multiple candelabras set all over the room flickered leaving dark shadows cast along the rock walls. She looked like she was back in Hades club, not Ares’s home. Was she?  
He gaze fell on the god of war hunched over his knees as he sat on the final step of the stone staircase. She chided herself. Part of her knew she’d end up here. She believed every word that Ares said when he told her he was leaving her alone in Vegas at Dillion’s mercy.
She believed him so much she wandered the streets of Vegas alone. She couldn’t stop searching for the vampire hunter. If she weren’t scared out of her cursed immortal skin, she would have realized that Dillion was probably too busy to hunt her. It had been centuries since Juliet had been with a woman. She had been a mortal in the French court the last time she slept with another female. Even then and now as a certified member of the undead, she preferred men. But she had to admit the goddess of love could make her change her tune in a heartbeat. Juliet would do anything Aphrodite wanted her do just to be in her bed for one night.
She paused. Not everything. She wouldn’t give up Ares. But she wasn’t sure he wanted her anymore. With what his uncle said about Zeus, she couldn’t blame him.
She squinted across the dim room to see what he was up to. 

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "prepare". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Zeus frowned. “You’ve developed feelings for this creature?”
Ares shoved his hands in his slacks pockets. “I have.”
“And Aphrodite? What about her?”
“What about her?”
Zeus settled in his leather chair and tilted back a bit as he studied his son. “You’ve been together for thousands of years. Your affair is legendary. You’re ready to give her up for this...vampire?”
“We haven’t been together for a while. Thanks for staying up to date on that. Aphrodite is dating a vampire hunter.”
“Is that so?”
“Look, Zeus, I’m not here to chitchat. I’m sure you have some shindig in the other room to prepare for. There’s probably a shitload of people in the other room ready to throw money at you. Can you help me or not?”
Zeus stared at him for a long moment. “No.”
Ares snarled. “Then what do you want of me? You summoned me. I’m ready to get out of here.”
“Stay away from the vampire. End it.”
Ares glared at him. Them he felt it. A smothering drowsiness filled the far recess of his mind. He closed his eyes and let it take over for a moment. Then he thought of Juliet. He focused all of his concentration on her. Then he thought of her safe, tucked in the red satin sheets of his bed. The drowsiness grew faint until it was just a slight irritation. She was now in another country away from this madness. It was that easy to move her. His cock stiffened as imagined her naked. It was time to get home.
He opened his eyes and grinned at his father. “When was the last time I listened to what you had to say, Dad? I’ll do what I want when I want. And I want Juliet. You think there’s consequences of us being together? Fuck the consequences. And fuck you. I’ll figure out another way to keep her.”
“She’s not a pet, Ares.”
“No shit.” Ares spun on his toe and stormed out the door. “I’m out. Tell Mom hello for me.”
He didn’t stop his stride until he reached the front door. When his foot crossed the threshold, he disappeared into thin air.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "ghost". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
“Thank you, Oliver.” Ares breezed past him and the revelry in the other room and strode down the hall to his father’s study. It made perfect sense that his father was a United States Senator. He and the others in Congress made the laws for the most powerful nation in the world. And with the untold wealth that Zeus could create, he had all the right lobbyists in his pocket. He was one step away from Speaker of the House. He didn’t want to be the President. After eight years at the most, the President was out and gone along with this ideals. Zeus could keep his seat for eternity if he wanted. And he planned to do just that.
Not only did he find a comfy spot in Washington, he used his influence to get his precious Athena a job in the Pentagon where she could seduce the top officials in the military to do her whim. Ares wasn’t even sure what his sister did for a job. All he knew is she was the happiest she had been in several millennium.
He didn’t bother to knock on the study door. He stormed inside to find his father standing behind his desk sorting through a small pile of envelopes. Salt and pepper hair neatly parted to the side, a chiseled face with a touch of stubble, dressed in a tailored tux - Zeus had movie star looks that would make any mortal female swoon.
Zeus looked unfazed by his son’s intrusion. “It’s good to see you, Ares. Staying out of trouble?”
Ares huffed. “Why do you care?”
“Because when you get your nose out of joint, the rest of us have to clean up whatever you’ve destroyed.”
“I’m fine, Dad. Thanks for asking. What do you want? Why did you summon me?”
Zeus set the envelopes on the desk. “Hades told me about your little friend.”
“That was quick for the old man. Did he tell you that he hit on her?”
“He left that out. He didn’t leave out the part that you’re sleeping with a vampire.”
“It’s none of his fucking business.”
“Oh forgive me, your excellency.”
Zeus shook his head. Ares heard a growl escape his throat. “Where is she?”
“In Vegas. As soon as I sense her fall asleep, she’ll be in my cave.”
Zeus glared at him. “You have to stop ghosting people, Ares. What if someone saw you?”
Ares grinned at his father. “I’ll kill them.”
Zeus slammed his fist on his desk. “Enough. Enough with the attitude. I am getting sick of this. You sense her? You’ve already gone too far. Do you know what could happen if you were to procreate with this...this creature? Vampires don’t die, Ares. Neither do their offspring. And think of the stigmatism she carries with her. She kills mortals. She feeds on them.”
“The weak ones. The ones who are dying. And the occasional fighter. She’s the Angel of Death, Zeus.”
“And appropriate to work with Hades. Not to be your plaything.”
Ares sighed. “Then help me. And you should know if I’m coming to you for help I’m desperate.”
Zeus stared at him wide-eyed. There was no doubt Ares shocked him. “What do you want my help with?”
Ares sucked in a quick breath before he spoke. “Change her. Don’t make her human. Make her into something else. Anything. Mermaid, siren, whatever. I’m not picky. If you don’t want me to be with a vampire, then change her into something you’ll approve of. I can’t let her go. Make her into something I’m worthy to love.”

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "seeds". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
The night air caressed Ares face as he walked down the sidewalk past the stately Georgetown homes. He shoved his hands in his slacks pockets with a huff. He hated wearing a tuxedo. It drove him crazy. There was no room to move if he were in a fight. And being who he was, that happened frequently. It felt like he was wrapped tight  in a several thousand dollar straight-jacket. And he wasn’t a happy camper about it.
He glanced at the expensive homes surrounding him. Less than an hour ago, he was standing on the strip in Las Vegas watching Juliet disappear into the crowd. Like he wasn’t pissed off enough. Running into Aphrodite had a tendency to leave him raging mad. He loved her for thousands of years. It was an all-consuming love, one that possessed him to his core. Legends were written about their love affair. It was that amazing. There were other women. And for her there were other men. But for him none of them compared to Aphrodite.
He stopped suddenly. That was until now. He closed his eyes and calmed the fury in his mind. It took a moment for him to adjust. Over nearly an entire country he reached out for her. She was there, a vibration that charred him. It was a feeling he couldn’t get enough of. It was sweet pain, one he was addicted to.
Juliet was awake and alive. He knew that she would be. Aphrodite was too furious to let Dillion out of her grasp to go hunt the vampiress. Ares’s threat was as empty as Dillion’s head. He smiled to himself. It didn’t stop the anxiety that coursed through Juliet. She felt alone, abandoned.
His brow creased as he plunged deeper into the intimate connection he held to her. Sad. She was sad. Lonely. He blew out a steady breath. Heartbroken.
The little bloodsucker had feelings for him. Was she in love? It was hard to tell. But one thing was for certain. It was time to cut her loose.
He cocked a grin to himself. Or get her back into his bed wrapped tight in his arms. And as soon as she dozed off  that was what he was going to do. He’d deal with the undead little spitfire in the morning.
The smell of a sterile atmosphere filled his nostrils. Moments later, he could taste iron on his tongue. He opened his eyes to break away from her. She was feeding. The Angel of Death struck again. He started his stride again with a sense of purpose.
He made his way past the row of cars up the driveway of the largest, most opulent of the mansions in the neighborhood. There was a party going on inside. He didn’t want to do this. He tried to talk himself out of it every since he appeared in Washington D.C. Asking for help from dear, old Dad was against his nature. But this was beyond his abilities.
After centuries of lying dormant on Olympus, Zeus found the generation of humans he thought he could plant the seeds of change in. He wanted a peaceful, productive world and with the great advances in technology, these were the mortals that could accomplish it. Except he forgot to factor in his own offspring into the strategy. The other gods ran amok creating chaos like they did when they were in Greece. It didn’t stop Zeus from moving off the mountain and into his new, comfy digs outside the Capitol.
Ares didn’t bother to knock on the ornate wooden double doors. He walked right in. After all, wasn’t it home? He watched the frazzled butler scurry across the foyer to him. The dull roar of voices having a good time filled the air.
“Mister Romeo,” the butler greeted out of breath.
“Where’s Dad?” Ares demanded.
“Senator Lynch is in his office. He is expecting you.”
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "truck". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Aphrodite glanced away as she bit her lower lip. “Leave you? I never belonged to you. Yes, you were amazing in bed. But if you remember correctly, I belong to another man.”
“Or men. Multiple men. You get around, sweetheart.” Ares pointed to Dillon in disgust. “This mortal is just another notch on your bedpost. So don’t criticize who I sleep with or I won’t have a little conversation with Hephaestus about your newest conquest.”
Aphrodite snarled at him. It was rather unattractive on the goddess of love and beauty. “You wouldn’t have the balls.”
Ares glanced down at Juliet. He smiled at her. “I think I do actually. If you see any of our kids, tell them Dad says hi. See you later, sweetcheeks.” He looked at Dillon. “And I’m serious. Stay the fuck away from Juliet. If you so much as breathe on her wrong, it’ll be the last breath you take.”
Aphrodite grabbed Dillon’s hand and hauled him away through the casino in a huff. Ares wrapped an arm around Juliet’s waist and escorted her to the lobby and out the front door. “Let’s go before I run into anymore family members. Or ex-lovers.”
Juliet wasn’t about to object. The whole night was unnerving to say the least. First she was seduced by the god of death then told she wasn’t worthy of the god she did share her bed and her body with. Then to run into the goddess of love, the woman who still had possession of Ares’s heart? It was still too much.
“Ares, you know Dillon won’t listen to a word you said. He’s hell bent on destroying…”
Her words were cut off with his lips. He shoved her against something solid and unforgiving. Out of the corner of her eye she could see it was the side panel of a rusty, sky blue Ford truck. He pulled her tight to him and molded her body to his as he deepened the kiss.
Intimacy with Ares was nothing like it had been in the many cursed centuries that Juliet walked the earth. What they shared buried into what was left of her soul. She tasted him, she breathed him in, she felt every emotion that coursed through his heavenly body.
And his every thought at the moment wasn’t of her. It was of Aphrodite, of the jealousy he felt. He didn’t want to make love. He wanted revenge sex to soothe his soul. A lot of it.
Juliet pushed him away and freed herself from his embrace. “No.”
“Excuse me?” Ares demanded.
“I won’t be her replacement. You love Aphrodite. You’re not about to take out your anger of losing her on me.”
“You’re being ridiculous.”
Juliet turned on her toe and started down the sidewalk through the crowd.
“Get back here, Juliet,” Ares ordered.
“Peace out, god of war,” she answered as she threw back two veed fingers over her head.
“Get back here. I’m not coming after you. And if Dillon finds you, I won’t stop him. Do you understand me?’
Juliet shivered at the thought. But it didn’t stop her from walking away and disappearing into the crowd.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there is adult language.**
Dillon slipped a hand into the back pocket of his blue jeans. He yanked free a thick wad of folded paper. He took care as he unraveled it. Then he flipped it towards Ares to display a world map. It looked like one that had been ripped out of an encyclopedia. Juliet didn’t have to ask what the check marks drawn on it were. She stared across the gaming floor trying to ignore him.
“See all these marks?” Dillion asked. “Those are all the near misses I’ve had with your fuck buddy there. Those are all places where she took a life to feed. MMA fighters and sick people. Five years I’ve tracked her. Nearly half the countries in the world. So do me a favor, buddy. Turn her over to me. You won’t miss her. From what Aphrodite says, you don’t keep a woman long. You go through them like old socks.”
Ares let go of Juliet. She whimpered for a moment until he tugged her behind him. She noticed the smug grin on his face as he approached Dillon. “You almost caught her in these places?”
“Yes, I did,” Dillon answered.
Ares traced a lazy finger around the circumference of the map. The paper smoldered. Small flames devoured the paper quickly. “Funny. The whole fucking place belongs to me. Stop hunting what is mine.”
Dillon dropped the map and stomped on it to smother the blaze, cussing a blue streak the entire time. The fire beneath Dillon’s feet mirrored the one raging in Aphrodite’s eyes. “Scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one, aren’t you, darling?”
“Hey, bitch,” Juliet defended as she peeked around Ares.
Ares held out an arm to still her. Then he turned his attention to Aphrodite. “If you’re so worried about the women I sleep with, why did you leave me?”