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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "bike". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
The scenery flew by Juliet at a terrifying pace as she clung tight to Ares. The high powered bike she straddled was silent as it glided down the highway. Like the time before, after a long day of bone shattering orgasms, he led her out of the cave somewhere in the worn torn wasteland. A split second later they were in another desert. There wasn’t the sound of artillery fire in the background here. Instead interstate signs sprouted up with the weeds alongside the road. The dull glow of city lights lit up the night sky. By the language of the markers she knew she was in an English speaking country. By the oases of beaten down gas stations and chain fast food restaurants at every interstate exit she could only guess she was in the United States.
The miles of desert slowly grew buildings of bright lights and loud noises. Hoards of people staggered the streets to look at the sights or find a new place to indulge in one of the many sins the city boasted of. Juliet bit her lower lip to keep her mouth from gaping open. Such opulence. Such decadence. She hadn’t seen such wanton behavior since her days in the French court.
Ares pulled the motorcycle to a stop outside a large casino. He growled as a valet hurried to park the bike. Juliet could see the boy quake as he retreated.
She pulled Ares close until she could look in his eyes. “What are we doing in this place?”
He caressed her cheek. “I told you that I want you to meet my uncle Hades. He needs to know that you are the Angel of Death, not me. I get blamed for enough shit.”
“But why here?”
Ares motioned towards the building beside them. “He’s in there. He rules from inside.”
“You’re telling me that the gates of hell are in a Las Vegas casino?”
“Yep, that sums it up pretty well. Are you coming?”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "business". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
​Juliet clenched her hands to her hips as she gritted her teeth. “Again I ask, where are my clothes? How did I end up naked?”
Ares shoved himself off the wall and stalked across the room to her. “I found you asleep in that box. I didn’t think what you were wearing was very comfortable for bed. I didn’t figure you’d mind. I’ve seen you naked before.”
“And you slept where?”
“I didn’t sleep. I had business to attend to.”
She bit her lower lip. Her anger dissipated like the fog on a summer morning. “How did you know where to find me?”
He reached out to pull her close. His hands caressed her hips then her bare ass. He gazed down into her eyes. “I sensed you. Once the chaos in the club died down, I focused my mind and was able to feel where you were.”
She sucked in a sharp breath at his touch. Her heart stampeded in her chest. Butterflies let loose in her belly. “You could sense me?”
“Yes. You’re spirit is like the most exquisite piece of dark chocolate. A little rough at first but once I’ve had a taste I can’t get enough.”
Juliet felt her cold cheeks burn fiery hot. It was the first time in a long time she had a true human emotion. “I didn’t feed per se. At least not like you think.”
Ares kissed her forehead then her cheeks. His lips continued the journey to the curve of her neck. “Where did the streaks of blood come from then? Don’t bullshit me. I know it was human.”
Juliet arched her neck back as he continued his feast. “The guy was in the hospital. He was dying from cancer. He was in so much pain. I ended it.”
Ares pulled back and stared at her. She thought she sensed awe from him. Not that it was possible. The god of war was the most arrogant bastard she ever met. “The Angel of Death.”
Juliet frowned. “How did you know that?”
He chuckled. “I take what I said earlier back. Guess I am going to hell after all. My uncle knows all about you. He accused me of being the Angel of Death. It’s time I introduce you to him and clear my name.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "box". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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​**Warning - there is adult language.**

The silk beneath Juliet's naked skin caressed her as she shifted in her sleep. She reveled in the softness that wrapped around her like a cocoon. The confusion hit her in her slumber stupor. She found a dilapidated cardboard box in the basement of the abandoned warehouse near the London River. It must have once held a refrigerator or some other large appliance. When the morphine took hold she was curled up inside and fully clothed.
​Juliet shook the fog from her senses. She gathered the sheet to her bare flesh and slowly sat up. Her flight or fight instinct fired up in her belly nearly making her sick. Over the past few centuries she learned how to defend herself. She couldn't remember doing it naked though.
​"I thought you'd never wake up. Good morning, sleepyhead."
​Juliet dropped the sheet as her mouth gaped open. Then she snarled. "Ares. What the unholy hell?"
​Ares grinned at her as he leaned against the rough stone of the staircase of his little cave hideaway. The ceiling was once again the illusion of a clear blue sky. Puffy clouds that reminded her of white cotton candy breezed slowly across. She was baffled. How'd she end up here again? And why was she naked?
​She turned her gaze back to him. The god had a thing for nineties grunge bands. He wore the jeans that flaunted his most delectable features but this time a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt covered his broad, muscular chest.  "Are we done throwing our temper tantrum?"
​Juliet slid off the mattress and hopped to her feet onto the cold rock floor. Ares sucked in a sharp breath as he stared at her. His tongue ran across his lower lip. She was certain she saw his cock twitch and thicken.
​"Temper tantrum?" she questioned. "You fucking bartered me to that asshole. And then you forfeited. And how the hell did I end up here? And why am I naked?"
​Ares frowned. The sky above them darkened with heavy, charcoal gray clouds. There was the rumble of thunder. "I offered to box him. I said nothing about mixed martial arts."
​"You've beaten guys in the cage."
"I wasn't prepared."
"You're a coward."
​The cave echoed with shards of lightning striking the rocks. "Watch your mouth, Juliet. I found you in that shithole. I'll put you back. Do you turn tricks for blood? Is that what you prefer over me?"
​"Go to hell, Ares."
​"Can't, baby. I'm a god."
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "silver". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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​The street lamps above bathed the cobblestone street beneath Juliet’s feet in a silver glow. It didn’t take long for her to figure out where she was. Ares took her to jolly old England, London to be specific. She sighed heavily. She knew where to go to satisfy the urge inside her. She turned at the street corner and kept up her journey.
There was one blessing in the curse she was dealt. When she fed, she couldn’t contract the nasty diseases humans struggled with. She hated killing. Had since the day she turned. So she used the blessing to her advantage.
She earned the nickname a hundred and thirty-four years ago. The Angel of Death. Stories popped up all over the world of a nurse who would appear to end the agony of someone barely holding onto life yet suffering tremendously. She knew who they were the second she stepped inside the hospital. Normally a grieving family member sat by their bedside praying for the end to come. But for some reason it never would.
Tonight was no different. She heard the sobbing once she stepped onto the oncology floor in the scrubs she stole from the laundry room. She slipped down the dark, silent corridor until she reached the room the crying came from.
She stepped inside the hospital room to find an old man lying asleep in the bed. His frail frame was smothered in wires and tubes from the machines around him. A woman in her mid fifties sat beside him. She rocked back and forth as tears streamed down her face.
When she noticed Juliet, her puffy red eyes widened. She spoke in a thick accent. “Oh miss, have you heard from my brother?”
“Should I have?” Juliet questioned.
“My brother is the power of attorney for my father here. He’s been in so much pain for the last two years. He’s so close to death. He doesn’t even wake up anymore. But my brother is vacationing across the world and can’t bother to return the doctor’s calls to end life support. My father just wants to be with my mama again.”
Juliet smiled at her gently. “Could you give me a moment to check his vitals?”
“No other nurse has asked me to do that.”
The woman looked perplexed as she stood. Once she was gone, Juliet wasted no time. She turned the man’s head to the side. She bared her teeth with a hiss then sunk her fangs into his jugular. She felt the morphine hit first before the need subsided. She would have to find someplace safe to sleep it off.
The man snapped awake with a gasp. He smiled and whispered to her. “Thank you.”
Then his eyes drifted closed as he died.
Juliet did her best to disguise the wound before she covered it with a gauze pad and secured it with medical tape. She strode out of the room and nodded to the daughter as she passed.
She was well out of the hospital before anyone discovered he was dead.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. 
​I am back with my paranormal/Greek god tale. The perfect photo was a little further in the story than we were so I pasted the missing piece here. 
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Juliet’s right hook was the blow that knocked him out cold. She stood tall over his limp body as the mob gasped. She spun on a toe and stormed towards the door. Those in her way parted. She smirked. It reminded her about that story about Moses and the Red Sea she learned hundreds of years ago.
An ever familiar urge gnawed at her. Agony filled her as she felt her stomach twist. She shuddered at the sensation of a million tiny spiders crawling her skin. She hadn’t felt this while she was with Ares. What had he done to her?
The room blurred as a hand clamped on her shoulder and spun her around. Her eyes came back to focus on her Greek lover.
“I told you not to make a scene in my club,” he demanded.
“What the hell was that?” she countered. “You forfeited! You gave me to him. Who was he going to kill? Himself? You can’t die.”
“Do not question me, Juliet.”
She knocked his hand off her shoulder. “I’m out, Ares. Done. I’m not your possession you can loan out. Ciao, Bella.”
She drew on her power to disappear before he could stop her. She knew it was futile. She was going up against a Greek god. She was bound to lose. When she stilled, however, she was alone. She stepped out onto the street. The raindrops that fell around her sent ripples through the puddles that had already congregated on the pavement. She watched them for a moment. Maybe she wanted Ares to come for her. Maybe she needed his passion one more time.
But he didn’t. A sharp pain pierced her belly. She couldn’t deny the lust any longer. She strode down the lane into the darkness.
It was time to feed.
<![CDATA[Tuesday Tales Extra!]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 16:24:51 GMThttp://triciaandersen.com/latest-news/tuesday-tales-extraHey everyone! This week's Tuesday Tale is a picture prompt of 300 words. The perfect picture for my paranormal/Greek god story fits a little further in the story that we currently are. So here is that tidbit that connects them. Don't forget to check out the rest of the scene in my Tuesday Tale for this week!
​The two men circled each other as they studied the other. The guy threw the first series of punches, ending with a body kick to Ares's ribs. The Greek god deflected every strike but the kick.
He snarled. “We’re boxing, dumb shit.”
His opponent bounced from one foot to the other. “I like MMA.”
“You do, huh? Fine. Bring it.”
The two fighters exchanged violent punches. Ares’s jab split open the young guy’s forehead. The whole battle seemed to swing in Ares’s favor.
That was until the kid grabbed hold of Ares and tossed the god over his back. It was a text book Judo throw. It might as well have been recorded for an instructional video. Ares was stunned long enough for his opponent to climb into mount and rain down punches. Juliet wasn’t sure how Ares slithered out from under the guy while being struck in the face but he did.
Ares slumped in his corner and slid a powerful finger across his throats towards the ref. “This bullshit is over. Stop the fight.”
The referee threw himself in between the fighters and waved his arms frantically. The young man looked just as baffled as Juliet felt. Suddenly his face lit up. “Wait. This means I won.”
Ares scowled. “No, this doesn’t mean you won. You’re a cheat. I called the fight before you killed someone.”
“Screw you. I won. I’ll claiming my prize.” The guy grabbed his clothes from the ring girl. He didn’t bother to dress. He scampered down the steps and darted through the crowd to Juliet. He pulled her close to him with a huge grin. “You’re mine, baby.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "earth". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​**a warning...there is some language!**
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​The guy looked past Juliet to the voice behind her. “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? The lady and I are having a conversation.”
She let go an aggravated sigh then took the opportunity to yank her hands free. Taking a step back, she collided with another hard, masculine body. She huffed again. Ares.
“I’m the owner of this establishment,” Ares informed him. Then he growled. “And she’s with me.”
The man smirked at Juliet. “Maybe we should let her decide who’s the real man between us.”
“Maybe we should settle this in the ring.”
Juliet spun at him. “Maybe this lady doesn’t want either of you. Or do I not have a choice?”
The guy at the bar grinned at them both. “Deal. She goes home with the winner.”
Ares eyes narrowed. “Deal.”
The guy grinned triumphant as he wove his way to the ring. Ares unbuttoned his cuffs as he followed. Juliet scurried to keep up. “Don’t you dare do this. What kind of archaic system do you live by? I’m nearly four hundred years old and I’m more modern than this.”
Ares stopped and turned on her. She could see the rage etched in his face. “I told you not to make a scene in my club. I told you not to start anything. Fuck, Juliet. You are the most infuriating female on the earth.”
Juliet felt every nerve burn. “Fuck you, Ares. I don’t need a hero.”
“I’m rarely the hero.” He stormed off to the ring, tearing his shirt off with every deliberate step he took. He handed it to a perfectly beautiful blonde ring girl with a smile that made Juliet want to claw both hers and Ares eyes out. He slipped off the rings on his hands and gave them to the beauty before he slowly ascended the steps, ducked between the ropes and made his way to his corner.
The other guy had shed every piece of clothing but his boxer briefs. He bounced from toe to toe as he grinned impishly at Ares. The Greek god leaned against the ropes clothed only in his slacks. He glared the mortal down coldly. Juliet had never been so infuriated with anyone in her long existence. It didn’t stop her from slowly taking in every inch of her lover.
The referee glanced at the guy from the bar then at Ares. Once both men nodded he dropped his hand. “Fight!”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "firecracker". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​**a warning...there is some language!**
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​Juliet pulled from his grip. He barely acknowledged her new found freedom. He kept his gaze locked on the fight before him.
“I’m getting a drink,” she stated simply. She had to shout to be heard over the mob.
Ares glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. “Do not kill anyone in my club. Don’t embarrass me.”
“Embarrass you? How do you assume I would do that?”
“By doing what it is in your nature to do.”
She growled. “So it’s okay to fuck me because a mortal woman can’t keep up, but you’re ashamed of the fact that I’m a vampire? So essentially I am just your concubine, huh?”
“Juliet, don’t be ridiculous.”
“I’m getting a scotch whiskey neat. Will that be a problem, oh holy one?”
“Get your drink and get back here.”
“Doubtful.” She stalked off into the crowd before he could say another word. Rage consumed her. She should have known he would be an asshole. Every man that ever crossed her path was. She slid onto a stool and ordered her drink. Glancing over at Dionysus she gave him a small smile. He was almost a drooling mess slumped over the wood planked bar. She wasn’t an expert or anything, but she had to agree with Athena. Whiskey didn’t seem like a good fit for the god of wine.
“Hey, beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?”
Juliet glanced over her shoulder to find a tall, muscular man behind her with close cropped dirty blond hair. She studied his blue jeans and button down plaid shirt before she checked out the parts of him she was the most interested in. Her eyes flickered from the vee of his legs to his jugular. Neither were impressive. “No. But thanks.”
The guy grabbed her and pulled her nearly off her stood until she was pressed tight against him. “What’s the matter? You don’t like guys?”
Being a vampire had its advantages at times. Being cursed with super speed came in handy. He didn’t have time to react when she pulled free then turned and hit him. Unfortunately, he caught her wrists before she could escape. He glared at her. “You’re a little firecracker, aren’t you? I like my women feisty. They’re better in bed.”
Ares voiced boomed from behind her. “Let her go. Now.”
<![CDATA[For my Black Irish readers...]]>Tue, 20 Jun 2017 17:07:37 GMThttp://triciaandersen.com/latest-news/for-my-black-irish-readersFor all of you incredible readers waiting for the seventh book of the Black Irish series...
It is coming! I can tell you that its name is Compromised. I can tell you that you get to meet Colin Morrison in the flesh (wait...hasn't he been dead since book one?) And I can tell you that your favorite big, bad Irishman and his lovely lady have one last adventure.
What I can't tell you is when you get to read it. I am about halfway through but a certain family of werewolves kind of commanded my attention. 
I promise Compromised is coming. I promise I will do my very best to make it worth it.
And because I love all of you so much...here is a teaser from Compromised.
​Abbey followed Sloan through the foyer to the glass double doors of the penthouse. She could feel Gordon on her heels. Sloan threw open the doors and stepped inside. The three of them were met by a half dozen semi-automatic rides pointed at them. Abbey instinctive raised her hands in surrender. She noticed Sloan and Gordon do the same.
“Put the weapons down, fellas,” a deep Irish brogue commanded. “They’re family.”
A man about Gordon’s age, the same one Abbey saw in Belfast, walked around the corner. His ice blue eyes, salt and pepper hair and angular face were nearly identical to Sloan’s. The similarities were uncanny. He grinned as he studied each of them. “Relax. No one is dying here.”
“What do you want?” Sloan demanded as he lowered his hands. Gordon and Abbey did the same.
“I told you. We must talk about Project Snowfall.”
“It doesn’t concern you.”
“It doesn’t? Did the CIA bother to tell you about it’s value on the black market? Did they tell you that their delicate house of cards is falling apart?”
Abbey frowned. “What about Project Snowfall? It’s secured, isn’t it?”
Sloan lowered his head, shaking it. “Abigail, not now.”
“Tom, you need to tell her,” Colin advised.
“Stay out of our family affairs,” Gordon warned, a snarl in his voice.
“Your family, McKenna? This is my family too. And this goes beyond our family. This affects billions of lives,” Colin replied.
Abbey looked into Sloan’s ice blue eyes. “Tell me what’s going on, Sloan. Where is Snowfall?”
Sloan sighed. “Luv.”
“Son, if it’s too difficult then allow me.” Colin paced toward the glass windows that overlooked downtown Manhattan. “So you know that your old friend Torelli stole the plans to Snowfall. They were held on a tiny chip no bigger than the nail on your pinky finger. He had to get Snowfall out of Afghanistan safely before he was suspected. He brought in an ex-Army medic who still had clearance.”
“Stockmeier,” Abbey concluded.
“Aye, lass. Stockmeier hid the chip in the brain stem of a subject. Torelli’s plan was to sedate the subject and ship the human. Once his buyer received the subject carrying the chip, it could be removed and the subject was the buyer’s to do with as they pleased.”
“So what does that have to do with my family? Who did Torelli plant the chip inside?”
A tense silence filled the penthouse. Finally Colin spoke. “Lad?”
“Shut it, Colin.” Sloan’s face was hard and angry.
Abbey raised her voice. “Who is carrying the chip? Someone answer me!”
Sloan lowered his head. “You are, Abigail.”
Abbey’s brow creased as she glared at him. “You said we were done with CIA. But in reality you’ve been on a mission all these years to protect the plans.”
“That’s not everything,” Colin added. “Tom, tell her what the CIA truly ordered you to do.”
Sloan growled low. “Colin, shut your bloody arse before I do it for you.”
The sound of cocking guns filled the space. Abbey sucked in a panicked breath as she was face to face with the barrel end of a gun again. “Is that any way to talk to your father?”
“You aren’t my da.” Sloan pointed to Gordon. “He’s my da. He raised me. He fed me. He taught me right from wrong.”
“He taught you to be a terrorist.”
“You weren’t one?”
“I served my government.”
“Against your own people.”
“Stop it!” Abbey shouted. She spun at Sloan. “What did the CIA order you to do with Snowfall?”
Colin sneered. “Go ahead, son. Tell her what you are supposed to do if Snowfall is compromised.”
Sloan glared at his father as he clenched his fists at his sides. Abbey could see the hatred seething from him. “Sloan, what are your orders?”
Sloan spoke through gritted teeth. “To retrieve the chip no matter the cost.”
“So let’s go find a neurosurgeon. Let’s get it out and destroy it.”
“Do you remember those headaches you’ve had? Remember the scans? We’ve found the chip. The chip is embedded in your brain stem. Stockmeier implanted it in a place where it can’t be removed unless…”
Abbey swallowed hard. “To get the chip you have to kill me.”
Sloan’s voice was barely a whisper. “Aye.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today we are working with a picture prompt. We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!
Ares didn’t move. He didn’t even flinch. “What do you want, Athena? Daddy send you to check up on me? Don’t you have a four star general to seduce?”
She laughed as she playfully slugged him in the shoulder. “I can’t come see my favorite half brother?”
“I’m nobody's favorite. Not Mom’s. Not Dad’s. Not yours. Try again.”
“I wanted to see what you were up to. I looked in the first place I guessed you would be. You have a strange little obsession with this place.”
Finally Ares turned to face Athena. His teeth were clenched. “I own this place. Every last inch. Every last drop of alcohol. Do you know what kind of chaos alcohol causes? It makes sane men fight. What other members of my degenerate family are here?”
Athena flipped a hand towards the bar. A balding man in a purple linen shirt hovered over a shot glass of amber liquid. The bottle it came from laid on its side bone dry. She sighed. “Dionysus really needs to stick to wine. He doesn’t handle whiskey well.”
“Dionysus can have whatever he wants here.” He wove his fingers between Juliet’s and tugged her into the crowd. Juliet shot one last look at the blonde before she disappeared. “So that’s…”
“Athena. My half sister. Dad sends her to check up on me. He thinks it’ll keep me in line. He’s couldn’t be more wrong.”
He stopped and stared into her eyes. She could swear she could see constellations embedded in there. “Yeah. Zeus.”
He didn’t say another word as he led her through the mob to the edge of the ring. She studied him in the dim light as he watched the carnage unfolding. He had a smirk on his face. He was fully enjoying the bloodshed before him.