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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "staple". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here. This excerpt starts where that left off.
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Juliet searched around her as she tugged the blood red silk sheet to her naked body. There might have been a clear, blue sky above her but the walls were rock. It took a few moments to take everything in. Finally her gaze stopped on Ares staring down from the ledge above her. She groaned as she slowly calmed down. The image of him dressed in tight fitting jeans and a nineties band t-shirt set loose the lust in her again.
Juliet bit her lip. “Where am I?” She pointed to the ceiling. “And what is that?”
Ares studied her then descended the stone staircase from above. “The sun was just about to come up. I didn’t figure you’d want to stick around until it did. Here, you’re safe. It’s a little past noon right now and look, you’re still here and kicking.” He looked up at the ceiling. “And that is an illusion. I’m a god. I thought I would do something nice for you. It’s probably been awhile since you’ve seen a summer sky.”
“Just before the French Revolution.”
“So you’re French. Nice.”
“Why did you bring me here?”
Ares stopped at the foot of the large, round bed she was lying in and crossed his arms over his broad chest. “I told you. The sun was coming up.”
She cocked her head to the side, letting her ebony curls fall down her bare shoulder. “You could have sent me back to my place. Or just let me burn to ashes at sun up. Try again.”
He smirked at her. “I told you. You belong to me. You are mine. No mortal can screw me like you did. Besides, we share the same staple to our existence. Blood. You drink it. I shed it.”
“I don’t belong to anyone. I’ve been like this for over two centuries. I can take care of myself.”
He knelt on the mattress and crawled his way to her. “I will change your mind.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! I have to apologize. We are going to veer away from the Hallow Brothers. In the next few weeks (possibly months) I'm going to concentrate on a paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here. This excerpt starts where that left off.
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Juliet felt the ache resonate through her body before her senses came to her. It had been a long time since sex left her hurting. It wasn’t that Ares was rough with her. On the contrary, he was the most gentle and tender lover she ever had in the few centuries she walked this cursed planet. But they went all night with very few moments to rest. It had to be just before dawn when she fell asleep on his shoulder.
She clenched her eyes closed tight. Ares. The Greek god of war. She thought she had lined up another victim to feast on. The fighter she chose was quite a specimen for a mortal man. Except he wasn’t a man. He was a god. A fucking Greek god. Fabulous.
She let out a tiny moan at the feel of silk against her naked skin. She didn’t remember this from the night before. Had the sex made her that delirious? She didn’t think so. She yawned as she slowly fluttered her eyes open.
Above her was the bluest skin she had ever seen. It was peppered with white, fluffy, cotton ball like clouds. The stream of sunshine warmed her. Memories of her past life, of days in the French court filled her mind. It felt peaceful.
Her heart slammed into her throat then pounded uncontrollably. She whimpered. Sunlight meant death. That son of a bitch knew she was a vampire. He left her out in the sunlight to die. She trembled violently as she frowned. As high up as it was, she should have already been dead. Where the hell was she? She searched around her frantically.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.”
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "mother". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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He took her hand in his then led her back to Henry. Glancing over his shoulder, he scowled. Josiah wasn’t the only one nosing into their business. They had a full audience now including his mother. Fantastic.
He turned back to his mates, shutting the rest of the world out. “The tattoos on your back are the marks of my ancestors. When we have sex with the ones chosen for us, they appear.”
Delilah laughed as she shook her head. “I have studied cultures from all over the world. None of them have this sort of mystic voodoo.”
“You keep saying cultures, Delilah. I said species.”
“Species indicate not human. Are you saying you’re not human?”
“Not entirely. My mother is human. My father was not.”
“And your father was?”
The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them. It was a relief to share his deepest, most intimate secret with someone finally. “A werewolf. Just like I am.”
Delilah’s smile faded. “A werewolf, huh? Do you think we’re stupid? Don’t insult our intelligence.”
“I’m not kidding.”
“Werewolves are mythical creatures. I want solid, scientific fact. That’s what I base my life on.”
“Well, sweetheart. You’re going to be in for a surprise.”
Samuel didn’t realize he was still holding his truck keys until they were torn from his hand. He met Henry’s angry, confused glare.
“You said you loved me,” Henry accused.
“I do, baby. You know that.”
“Then you tell me a bullshit lie? A story so far fetched it’s folklore? If you didn’t want me to meet your family, fine. You don’t have to humiliate me in front of them.”
Samuel’s voice broke as he pleaded with Henry. “Please, stop. Listen to me. I swear to you that I’m telling you the truth.”
Henry glared at him for a few moments more. Then he took Delilah’s hand. Together they stormed off to Samuel’s truck. Deep down in his gut, Samuel knew he should run after them, stop them, move heaven and earth to keep them there.
Instead he stayed rooted to the ground as they hopped in and sped off through the trees.
“Dude, they just stole your truck,” Ezekiel said, a hint or awe to his voice.
Samuel couldn’t answer. His heart was shattered pieces in his chest. He told the man he loved the truth, then watched him walk away and leave him. And Delilah? He didn’t know what he felt for her but watching her go tore him apart.
“Never fear, bro,” Josiah remarked. “They can’t go far. Eternal bond, remember? They’ll be back. The only question is how long you can go without your wheels.”

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "life". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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​Samuel snarled. “Fuck you.”
Josiah shook his head. “For fuck sakes, Sam. You don’t have to cry about it. It’s not new. Mike and Cay have already been marked. So just take the fucking shirt off.”
Samuel growled as he grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and tugged it off over his head. The warm sunlight kissed his skin as he turned his back to his brother. “Happy?”
“Nice. It looks nice. I’m guessing the hot redhead has one too?”
Sam turned back to him. “No shit, Sherlock.”
“Calm down, bro. But Sam, we’ve talked. No one is allowed up here. The more people from the outside world that we bring up here increases our chance of being discovered for who we really are.” Josiah pointed to Henry. “He can’t be here.”
Samuel took a deep breath then looked back at Henry. The aggravated tone he had used with his brother suddenly disappeared. His words were soothing. “Henry, take off your shirt and turn around.”
“Sam, I don't understand why I need to do that,” Henry protested.
Samuel sighed. “Please, baby. Just do it.”
“Baby?” Josiah’s voice echoed through the clearing.
Samuel watched Henry’s gaze dart from Josiah to Samuel. He slowly let go of Delilah and stripped his shirt off and spun around until his back faced the brothers. Samuel couldn’t breathe as he took in the intricate design etched into Henry’s skin.
“What the hell?” Josiah stammered. “There has to be a mistake.”
“There’s no mistake,” Samuel replied. “I have two mates. Henry belongs here just as much as anyone else. All those times you thought I was off banging some woman? I was with Henry. We’ve been together for a year now. I just met Delilah last night.”
He felt a tug on his arm. He looked down to find Delilah glaring at him. “Mates? What is about us being your mates?”
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "life". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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The city of Duluth faded into farmland as the truck sped north along the highway. Samuel’s thoughts scrambled as he forced himself to focus on the road. His family was going to freak out when they arrived. They didn’t react well when they found out Caleb and Micah had mated. When Samuel showed up with not one, but two mates? His mother was going to have a coronary.
But that wasn’t his only concern. What about Henry and Delilah? Henry loved his books. Delilah told him that she was a renown archeologist. Could they adjust to his life? Would they accept what he truly was? He shook his head. It was all too much to figure out.
“Sam?” Henry asked softly.
“Where the hell are we going?”
“I told you that I lived out of town.” He looked ahead. He could see Sharky’s Garage along the side of the road. The thick ridge of woods loomed in the distance.
“How far out of town?” Delilah asked. There was hesitation in her voice.
“You’re going to want to hang on, sweetheart.”
Before she could respond, he sped up the thin lane that led into the forest. The truck shuddered as it climbed up the rut covered road. Branches scraped deep along the sides. This trip didn’t bother Samuel. He had taken this road thousands of times. But by the gasps and groans coming from the other side of the truck, Henry and Delilah weren’t so confident.
Delilah gripped onto the hands that never left her thighs. “Where the fuck are you taking us?”
“You keep telling me what a high class lady you are but you use language like that?” Sam countered.
Her icy glare changed his tune. He continued. “We’re almost there. You won’t die.”
Sunlight broke through the thick trees. A moment later, the clearing appeared. Sam slowed then maneuvered the vehicle to a stop next to the other cars. He climbed out and started across the camp towards his cabin.
“Who are your friends, Sam?”
Sam stopped dead in his tracks at his older brother’s voice. Josiah leaned against the rail of the deck leading to the Family Building. Samuel glanced back at Henry and Delilah following him. The clung to each other as they took in the buildings and surrounding forest.
Josiah continued. “Do me a favor. Take your shirt off.”
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The barely lit corridor reeked of mold and the faint trace of urine. The thunder of the fans raging above echoed off the cement walls. The painted floor beneath Caleb’s feet was damp. The words escaped his lips before he could bite them back.
“If that stupid motherfucker ever gets me another fight in a place like this, I’ll rip his head off.”
He glanced down at the athletic tape still tightly bound around his hands. They were stained with the other fighter’s blood. It stirred up an ancient need inside of him, one deep and primal. He fought the urge to run his tongue along the woven material, just for a taste.
He’d tossed his gloves in his duffle seconds after he beat the guy they pitted him against in the cage to a bloody pulp. He didn’t get to savor the fight. He had to make quick work of his opponent and get the hell out of there. He didn’t have time to dress. He’d have to drive home in just his fight shorts. Three hours of my cup digging into my cock will be lots of fun.
He started at the loud chirp coming from his bag. He didn’t break stride as he dug in the pocket and pulled free his cell. “What?”
“Where the hell are you, Caleb?”
“I’m on my way, Josiah. The show started late.”
“The sun is setting. You’ll never make it home in time. Do you have any idea how fucked up this is? Do you realize how many people you’re putting in danger?”
“Do you know how fast my old truck can go, big brother? I’ll be there.”
“Why did you even go? You need to let Micah book your fights, not that piece of shit manager you have. How many times do we all have to tell him to not schedule you to fight on a full moon?”
“I’m not backing out of a fight. Unlike you and the rest of the spawn I call brothers, I’m not content to fight in these small-time promotions. I’ll make it big. I’ll be world champion.”
“Great, big shot. Let’s just make sure you don’t kill any innocents on the way. Bury yourself in the woods, Caleb. Deep in the woods. And stay there until morning, got it? Or better yet, prevent the change. Just stay fucking human.”
“I’m not dealing with the pain afterward. I’ll be home, Josiah.”
“Caleb, you…”
Caleb ended the call, gripping the cell phone tight in his hand. It wasn’t like he wasn’t under enough stress right now. He didn’t need his older brother ripping him a new one. Again. It seemed like that was Josiah’s favorite hobby as of late. He wasn’t on anyone else’s case as much as he was on his.
He breathed a sigh of relief as the double doors that led to the parking lot came into view. One was propped open. The fiery blaze of sunset painted the drab gray and black of the corridor. Caleb picked up the pace but stopped suddenly as his name was called. A pudgy man with a nearly bald head appeared behind him, huffing like a steam engine. Caleb shook his head and stormed off. “Willy, I don’t have time right now. I’ve got to go. Call me in a week.”
Despite his warning, the manager still hunted him down. “What’s your hurry, Caleb? We never got to talk after you stepped out of the octagon.”
“I told you not to schedule my fights on days like this. Never. My family has told you the same thing.”
“Yeah, full moons. I don’t get it. What? Are you going to change into a vampire?” Willy managed a laugh despite his heaving breath. “Or a werewolf?”
Caleb stopped, spun around on his toe, and glared. “You’re the biggest dumb shit I know. Werewolf? Really? Call me in a week. I need to get home.”
“Austin Graves wants to fight you.”
Caleb gaped. He couldn’t talk. Screw the sun. Screw the moon. This was huge. Finally, he was able to struggle out words. “Pardon me?”
“Austin Graves, the welterweight champion, just called you out.”
“Why me?”
“You’ve decimated your last three opponents. As he said himself, ‘it’s time to put the pup in his place.’”
The shrill cry of a bat brought Caleb to his senses. “Fine. Whatever. I’ll do it. Call me in a week.”
He didn’t wait to hear another word from his manager. He had already wasted too much precious time. His pace turned into a sprint as he hit the parking lot. It took way too long for him to find his old beat-up Ford, but once he spotted it, he raced to it. Tossing his duffle on the passenger seat, he hopped in and fired it up. As he threw it into reverse, he locked the doors. That should buy me some time.
The city of Duluth, Minnesota, faded away into cornfields as Caleb tore down the highway. The all-too-familiar burn in his core ignited his muscles. It stole his breath. His heart raced out of control. Typically, he reveled in this. It was nearly as good as sex. But he was usually lying on his bed at home, not driving in the middle of nowhere.
“Shit. Josiah was right,” he muttered. He shot a look to the sky. Twilight overtook the sunset. Pinpoint dots of light peppered a darkening horizon. The sun was just a sliver of gold. The landscape was bathed in a pure white glow. He glanced out his rearview mirror to see the round curve of a celestial body rising.
The full moon.
Fuck. He was too late.

* * * *
Caleb struck the punching bag hanging in front of him. He threw another volley of punches at it. The dull thud on the canvas followed. He glanced over his shoulder to see if his younger brother, Joshua, had arrived so they could work on their jiu jitsu. Josh was less than a year younger than him. They were often referred to as “the twins.” And right now, Josh was late. He huffed, hopped from one foot to the other, and started again.
He thought working himself until he was exhausted would help him forget Meg. Her car was gone when he got back from his run. He’d expected as much. And he knew she was never coming back. To be brutally honest, had someone told him they were a werewolf, he would have run, too. So she left and I threw myself into my training. Now it’s day two and nothing’s changed. I still need her.
His memories flew back to the night she stayed with him, the way her ass nestled against his hips as he fucked her, the way her golden hair flowed down her shoulders, the way her voice whimpered as she spoke his name each time she arched back against him. He was only looking for gratification, but she was so beautiful, he needed more. He needed her soul, and he was going to take it. Because she already has gotten to mine.
He’d spread her out on her back and locked gazes with her. He had never noticed how clear her sapphire blue eyes were. All he knew was that he was drowning in them and he didn’t want to be rescued. He wanted to hold her in his arms and lay soft kisses on her flesh. He wanted her beside him every night. He never wanted to let her go. He’d only felt like this once before, but the feelings were never this intense. Maybe it’s best she’s gone. With me, she’d die here.
He turned as the door opened. Instead of Joshua, Littlefoot stepped inside. The older man offered him a gentle smile. “How are you, young Caleb?”
Caleb threw a jab, doubling the bag. “Fucking peachy, Littlefoot. What brings you to my dark little corner of the world?”
“I’m here to speak to your mother about next week’s arrangements.”
“Mom has been visiting her sister during the full moon for the last twenty years. How much coordinating do you need to do?”
“This time there is more than Evelyn visiting Edith and Edna.”
“Wouldn’t count on it.”
“Have you spoken to your mate, Caleb?”
Caleb stopped punching and turned to Littlefoot. “Sorry. She hasn’t made it on my speed dial yet. So no. Not since she called me delusional for saying I was a werewolf and went tearing out of here.”
“Give her time.”
“She can have all the time in the fucking world. I don’t want her here. I don’t need a mate. I’m happy by myself.”
“It doesn’t work that way.”
“Watch me. Better yet, your people are the mystics. Figure out how to reverse this curse.”
“Mating is not a curse, Caleb,” Littlefoot chided.
“It is to me.”
“How is having Meg as your mate a curse?”
Caleb stopped and turned around. “Because I think I’m falling in love with her. And that can’t happen. I’ve already fallen in love once and she died because of me. So find a way to release it or I will.”

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Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "lake". This week I have the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series, Heavyweight.
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**Warning...this excerpt contains adult language.**
“Whenever. I’m good. Are you going to tell me who I’m fighting?”
Micah sighed. “Bowser McNamara.”
“That guy is a fucking lunatic,” Samuel near shouted. “Are you trying to get me killed?”
“He’s a lunatic because he’s out of control. Train smart. You’ll knock him out.”
“I suppose.”
Micah waved him towards the long building that housed their gym, office, dining room and kitchen. “Let’s go get it signed so I can get it back to Leroy.”
Samuel motioned towards Micah’s cabin. It was on the other side of his opposite of Caleb and Meg. “What about your office? Isn’t Abraham working right now? The little shit can barely concentrate as it is.”
Micah shrugged as he started toward the structure. “Eve is on my computer. She’s obsessed with Momma’s amulet. I guess I would be too if my friend’s had been killed over it. Pretty much all she does is eat, sleep, shut and hack into websites looking for information. Oh, and fuck me senseless. Can’t forget that one. It’s the most important.”
Samuel jogged to catch up to him. “Has she found anything?”
“She got some sketchy footage of whoever lives in that house in Connecticut. It came off a neighbor’s security camera but was across a man made lake. The distance is enough to distort it a bit. She stayed up during that last full moon while we were at the North Cabin. It’s grainy. She’s hoping to find some photo enhancing software so we can see who the fuck lives there.”
Samuel chuckled. “Dude, your wife is scary. Hacking into someone’s security system?”
Micah laughed. “Yeah. Tell me about it. I think I might have married me a psychopath.”
“Hot computer hacking biker chick who used to strip. Sounds pretty accurate.”

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Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! This week's word prompt is "dice". This week I'm starting the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series, Heavyweight.
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**Warning...this excerpt contains adult language.**
Sam heard a rustle in the grass outside. He sighed. Since his cabin was right next to Caleb and Meg’s and his bedroom window was within feet of their porch, he often heard them come and go. Cay must have kicked his wife out of bed to take care of their daughter. Fucking asshole.
That was until Sam heard a very male voice start to sing. The tune was soft, sweet like a lullaby. He strained to hear the melody, to make out the words. He busted out laughing.
Cay was serenading Ruby with the greatest hits of Eminem. Curse words and everything. Sam shook his head as he still chuckled. He tossed the covers off, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and strolled through his cabin until he was outside.
“Seriously, dude,” Sam teased. “Are the lyrics to ‘Rock a Bye Baby’ too much for you?”
Caleb’s head popped up as he stopped singing. He was dressed only in a pair of jeans. The images inked into his skin were hardly discernible in the early summer morning dark. His shaggy dark hair was more rumpled than usual. Cradled in his arms nestled against his chest was a tiny baby wrapped snug in a pink blanket. A pacifier bounced up and down as she sucked.
The whole scene was enough to make the average red-blooded human female’s ovaries explode with need. Too bad for the rest of the women on the planet. Cay was the first Hallow to be eternally mated. And Meg would kick their ass.
Caleb shrugged at Sam. “I don’t remember what the fuck Momma used to sing to us. All I could remember was Eminem.” He forced a smile. “Sorry we woke you.”
“Eh, it was probably that old fuck Roscoe. I wish that old bird would up and croak.”
“With us boys, I’m surprised he’s still alive. It’s still dark. You could probably get back to sleep.” Caleb freed a finger to brush a lock of hair from Ruby’s forehead. “We will be.”
Sam shook his head. “I’m too wired now. I’ll try to doze but I won’t get a good sleep. I’m going to the club tonight. I’ll get a good sound sleep after a good fuck.”
Caleb cocked a grin at him. “You’re rolling the dice that you’ll find a woman who will let you sleep instead of trying to fuck your brains out?”
Sam chuckled. “Either option sounds like a winner to me.” Sam strode across the grass to press a butterfly kiss to his niece’s forehead. “Get her back to bed and go snuggle your pretty wife.”

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Hey everyone! I'm back with Tuesday Tales! Today's picture prompt is "air". We're visiting Micah and Eve in my second book of the Hallow Brothers Series.
**Just a warning...this excerpt has adult language. And it's a little long.**

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"Leroy took the microphone then motioned both sides to him. Micah studied the group approaching them. They all had long, straight dark hair that fell to their waists. Each was dressed in jeans and t-shirts just like the brothers. Their deep brown eyes and angular faces looked eerily familiar. Micah frowned then shot a look over his shoulder at Josiah, Samuel and Caleb. They looked just as confused as he was.
“Where are these guys from?” Samuel questioned.
“Maine,” Josiah answered.
“Wasn’t Dad from Maine?”
Leroy grinned as he addressed the rowdy crowd. “It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, ladies and gents. In eight weeks, these two men will step into the cage and go to war. Whoever leaves the victor will be the middleweight champ. How excited are you to see this?”
There was a roar from the mob below loud enough to shake the walls. Leroy continued. “Don’t forget to get your tickets. We’re almost sold out. You don’t want to miss this.”
Micah looked down to see Deacon’s evil grin. He sighed before taking a step closer until he was nearly nose to nose with his opponent. The smile on the guy’s face terrified him.
Leroy motioned to Micah. "On my left, from north of here, is Micah Hallow. You know him and him infamous brothers. On my left is Roman Lycan. He and his team have traveled all the way from Maine for this fight and have taken over Austin Graves’s gym to train."
Roman cocked his head at Micah and only spoke loud enough for him to hear. “So you’re Micah? I should have known.”
“So? What the fuck about it?” Micah demanded as he felt his blood run cold. “How could you possibly know who I am?”
Roman just smiled without answering. He dropped into the customary fight stance for pictures.  Micah near growled. “Who the hell are you?”
Leroy nudged Micah. “Just get into fight stance for pictures, Mike.”
Micah stared from one man to the other then slowly lowered into stance. Flashes from a sea of cell phone cameras pierced his eyes. Once Leroy patted him on the shoulder, he slowly raised and retreated back to his brothers, his eyes never leaving Roman.
Caleb wrapped his arm around his shoulders and tugged him towards the steps. “Let’s get out of here. You made your entrance. Now let’s get your head figured out so you can kick that creepy punk’s ass.”
“Noah and David will meet us outside with the ladies in a few moments. We need to go,” Littlefoot added.
Micah glared one last time at Roman before following Littlefoot and his brothers from the stage and through the club. Hands reached out to touch him. Each stray finger caused his stomach to flip.
A painful grip pinched his shoulder. “The quicker you get through, the faster it’s over,” Caleb advised.
“You?” Micah asked.
“I’m about to hurl. So let’s go.”
Micah grabbed his brother’s arm and quickened his steps, passing the others. He didn’t stop until the cold winter air bit through him.
“Thanks,” Caleb said as he slumped against the frost covered bricks of the building.
“No problem,” Micah replied. “We’re the only ones struck with the same affliction.”

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Hey everyone! I'm back with Tuesday Tales! Today we have a picture prompt. We're visiting Micah and Eve in my second book of the Hallow Brothers Series.
**And by the looks of my picture prompt you can tell this excerpt has adult language and is a little risqué.**
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Eve wrapped the towel around her and knotted it. Sitting on the bed, she watched the door anxiously. She could hear the scuttle of his feet as he approached followed by the click of the switch as he flipped the lights off. Of course the son of a bitch didn’t come out wearing a towel. The one he did hold barely covered the the part of his body Eve had just been on her knees paying homage to. She mindlessly flicked the knot she had just tied undone and let the towel around her fall to the bed. She sat back just to take the beauty of his nearly naked body. Swirls of ink etched his skin enough to be beautiful and not obnoxious. He had perfectly etched muscles. His hair was dark and thick and his eyes, when they worked, were a deep, chocolate brown. And his cock… Eve could only moan. He was strong. He was dominant. He was sexy beyond imagination.
And somehow he’s my mate.
Micah’s voice was a deep rumble when he spoke. The sound sent a shiver of anticipation through her. “I hear you.”
“Then come get me.”
Before Micah could take a step there was a knock on the front door of the cabin. “What the…” he grumbled under his breath. He cleared his throat as he knotted the towel around his waist. “What is it?”
“Are you about ready?” Josiah shouted through the door.
“Why would we be ready?” Micah turned towards Eve. “What time is it?”
Josiah and Eve seemed to give the same answer at the same time. “It’s five o’clock.”
“Oh, shit. We have to go. How fast can you get dressed?” He angled back to the front door. “Give is a minute, Joe. We’ll be right out.”

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