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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week's prompt is "truck". ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Aphrodite glanced away as she bit her lower lip. “Leave you? I never belonged to you. Yes, you were amazing in bed. But if you remember correctly, I belong to another man.”
“Or men. Multiple men. You get around, sweetheart.” Ares pointed to Dillon in disgust. “This mortal is just another notch on your bedpost. So don’t criticize who I sleep with or I won’t have a little conversation with Hephaestus about your newest conquest.”
Aphrodite snarled at him. It was rather unattractive on the goddess of love and beauty. “You wouldn’t have the balls.”
Ares glanced down at Juliet. He smiled at her. “I think I do actually. If you see any of our kids, tell them Dad says hi. See you later, sweetcheeks.” He looked at Dillon. “And I’m serious. Stay the fuck away from Juliet. If you so much as breathe on her wrong, it’ll be the last breath you take.”
Aphrodite grabbed Dillon’s hand and hauled him away through the casino in a huff. Ares wrapped an arm around Juliet’s waist and escorted her to the lobby and out the front door. “Let’s go before I run into anymore family members. Or ex-lovers.”
Juliet wasn’t about to object. The whole night was unnerving to say the least. First she was seduced by the god of death then told she wasn’t worthy of the god she did share her bed and her body with. Then to run into the goddess of love, the woman who still had possession of Ares’s heart? It was still too much.
“Ares, you know Dillon won’t listen to a word you said. He’s hell bent on destroying…”
Her words were cut off with his lips. He shoved her against something solid and unforgiving. Out of the corner of her eye she could see it was the side panel of a rusty, sky blue Ford truck. He pulled her tight to him and molded her body to his as he deepened the kiss.
Intimacy with Ares was nothing like it had been in the many cursed centuries that Juliet walked the earth. What they shared buried into what was left of her soul. She tasted him, she breathed him in, she felt every emotion that coursed through his heavenly body.
And his every thought at the moment wasn’t of her. It was of Aphrodite, of the jealousy he felt. He didn’t want to make love. He wanted revenge sex to soothe his soul. A lot of it.
Juliet pushed him away and freed herself from his embrace. “No.”
“Excuse me?” Ares demanded.
“I won’t be her replacement. You love Aphrodite. You’re not about to take out your anger of losing her on me.”
“You’re being ridiculous.”
Juliet turned on her toe and started down the sidewalk through the crowd.
“Get back here, Juliet,” Ares ordered.
“Peace out, god of war,” she answered as she threw back two veed fingers over her head.
“Get back here. I’m not coming after you. And if Dillon finds you, I won’t stop him. Do you understand me?’
Juliet shivered at the thought. But it didn’t stop her from walking away and disappearing into the crowd.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Dillon slipped a hand into the back pocket of his blue jeans. He yanked free a thick wad of folded paper. He took care as he unraveled it. Then he flipped it towards Ares to display a world map. It looked like one that had been ripped out of an encyclopedia. Juliet didn’t have to ask what the check marks drawn on it were. She stared across the gaming floor trying to ignore him.
“See all these marks?” Dillion asked. “Those are all the near misses I’ve had with your fuck buddy there. Those are all places where she took a life to feed. MMA fighters and sick people. Five years I’ve tracked her. Nearly half the countries in the world. So do me a favor, buddy. Turn her over to me. You won’t miss her. From what Aphrodite says, you don’t keep a woman long. You go through them like old socks.”
Ares let go of Juliet. She whimpered for a moment until he tugged her behind him. She noticed the smug grin on his face as he approached Dillon. “You almost caught her in these places?”
“Yes, I did,” Dillon answered.
Ares traced a lazy finger around the circumference of the map. The paper smoldered. Small flames devoured the paper quickly. “Funny. The whole fucking place belongs to me. Stop hunting what is mine.”
Dillon dropped the map and stomped on it to smother the blaze, cussing a blue streak the entire time. The fire beneath Dillon’s feet mirrored the one raging in Aphrodite’s eyes. “Scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one, aren’t you, darling?”
“Hey, bitch,” Juliet defended as she peeked around Ares.
Ares held out an arm to still her. Then he turned his attention to Aphrodite. “If you’re so worried about the women I sleep with, why did you leave me?”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "chain". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet tugged hard on Ares’s arm. “Ares, we have to go. Please.”
His hand clamped down like a vise on her wrist. Without a word, he tugged her along with him past the slot machines and the flimsy plastic chains that barricaded the game tables from the rest of the gamblers. Juliet fought like hell against him. She didn’t figure she would get anywhere but she had to try.
She shouted over the noise but she knew he couldn’t hear her. “Stop, please. He’ll kill me, Ares. Didn’t you hear me say that?”
His voice didn’t reach her ears. It filled her mind. Do you forget I’m a god? He’s not going to touch you. I won’t allow it.
Just trust me, Juliet. Please.
She tried to vocalize another protest but it fell silent as they skidded to a stop next to the other couple. She didn’t know how she could feel it but she sensed that Ares’s wasn’t breathing. He was anxious. Like a fourteen year old boy with a crush anxious. She’d roll her eyes in disgust if she weren’t in fact about the most terrified she had been in her entire life.
Aphrodite gave Ares a coy smile as she fluttered her lashes. “Ares.”
Hatred for the Greek beauty nearly burned away the fear that consumed Juliet. Almost. She was still scared shitless especially with the evil grin that was plastered across Dillon’s face. He was the cat and he was just about to feast on the canary. She gripped tight to Ares’s hand.
“Aphrodite,” he replied.
“What are you doing here?”
“Considering where we’re standing, I think that answer is obvious. I stopped by to see my uncle. Had some business to attend to.” Ares pointed to Dillon with a snarl. “Who’s your friend?”
Aphrodite beamed at Dillon as she ran her long, perfect fingers across his chest. Ares body trembled as he watched. Juliet could feel the anxiety he shared with her switch to rage in a mere second. Violent rage. Rage so strong three slot machines near them combusted in a shower of sparks sending gamblers running. “This is Dillon MacMurray. Ironically, he brought me here on business too.”
“What business could that be?” Ares countered.
Dillon smiled at Ares. “Oh, I’m sure you know.” He turned his attention to Juliet. “Long time, no see. How about we remedy that? I know you hate running into me. How about I just put an end to that?”
“Rather not, asshole,” Juliet replied.
It must have been the first time the Goddess of Love noticed she was there. Aphrodite pulled her hand away from Dillon and fanned herself. Juliet watched her scowl as she stared at Ares’s and Juliet’s hands joined together. Aphrodite’s voice hitched up a few octaves. Several mirrors and crystal vases shattered in response. “And who might this be, Ares?”
Dillon answered before Ares could speak. “Beautiful, this is Juliet Foucault. She’s the reason I’m here. She’s a vampire from about 1785 and she’s been cutting a bloody trail since.”
Ares pulled Juliet tight to him and held her close. “And she belongs to me.”

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "coat". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Ares huffed. “When have I ever given a shit about what my father thinks? And when has he ever cared what I’ve done?”
Hades chuckled. “Dear boy, he cares a lot about what you’ve done. He normally doesn’t approve.”
Juliet frowned. “Why can’t he be with me? What’s wrong with me?”
Hades smiled gently at her. “It’s not you, my dear. We gents from Olympus have a reputation to dally with mortal women. The benefit is that their life span is short. Soon they are joining me in the underworld. Their stories fade. What we did with them fades into obscurity. You, Juliet, are almost as immortal as us. When Ares is done with you, and trust me he will be, you can keep popping into his life. A bad penny so to speak.”
Juliet growled in response. It caught in her throat as she felt her hand taken captive. “It’s great seeing you, Uncle. We’ll see ourselves out,” Ares replied a moment before he led Juliet out of the VIP lounge.
Neither of them spoke as they strode together hand in hand down the hall the past the hotel. Halfway through the chaos and bright lights of the casino, Juliet stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart lodged in her throat. She struggled with everything in her to free herself from Ares. She had super human strength and she almost didn’t get loose. She barely fled before he had hold of her again.
“What the fuck?” Ares demanded.
Juliet lifted a trembling hand and pointed towards the heart of the gaming floor. A tall man with wavy hair and a five o’clock shadow stood next to the most beautiful blonde Juliet had ever seen. He was dressed in jeans and a leather coat. She was in a floor length cocktail dress. The sight scared her shitless.
“Dillion,” she said. “Dillion MacMurray. He’s a vampire hunter. And I’m number one on his kill list.”
Ares didn’t answer. He just stared with his mouth open. His gaze was locked on the blonde.
She shook him violently. “Ares.”
His answer came out in a breath. “Aphrodite.”

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "bean". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
​Juliet spun around to search for the sound. Ares growled as he crossed his broad arms over his chest. “Typically you ask me to stay away, dearest uncle.”
She bit back a gasp. The man seemed to appear out of thin air. Or he stepped out of the shadows. She wasn’t sure in this dark room. He was at least forty years older than her and Ares appeared to be. She guessed he was in his mid sixties. He was completely bald. The only hair on his head was his neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. He was dressed it a tailored designer tux. Each finger was adorned with a gold ring. He was teetering somewhere between pimp and billionaire. And he gave Juliet the chills.
He grinned at her as he addressed Ares. “That’s because you seem to cause a ruckus every time you visit. But I’m glad you’re here. I need to talk to you about the Angel of Death.”
“Why, Hades? So you can lecture me about fucking up your work?”
Hades chuckled. “You misunderstand, Ares. It doesn’t surprise me that you did. I am grateful to anyone who helps me end the mortals miserable suffering here on earth and bring them to the River Styx. That’s less work for my minions to do. And the Angel of Death struck in London a few days ago. You were in London at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.”
“Well, I hate to crush the only hope you had that I might be a halfway decent deity. It wasn’t me.” Ares wrapped his arm around Juliet’s waist. “But let me introduce you to Juliet. The Angel of Death.”
Hades frowned. Juliet felt his gaze study her. “The Angel of Death has struck over and over for centuries. This girl hasn’t been alive for that long.”
“Beg to differ.”
“There’s only a handful of creatures that cannot die unless murdered. The only ones I can think of that could do this…” Hades smile returned, bigger and brighter than before. “You’re a vampire.”
Juliet struggled to find her voice. “Yes, I am.”
“Well, Juliet, I am certainly pleased that such a beautiful woman is doing my work. Maybe you can stay here with me and we can discuss the ways you can assist me further.” Hades took her hand and placed a rather long, lingering kiss on the back of it. The sensation made her shiver.
They both turned at the inhuman snarl. Juliet swallowed hard. Ares was pissed. Like on the verge of starting a battle pissed. She pulled her hand free and stepped away. She wanted no part of whatever world war was about to take place.
Hades looked at her then to Ares and back again. His grin faded. “So, tell me nephew. Does your father know you’re fornicating with a vampire? Because you know he won’t condone it.”
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​Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet huffed indignant then spun on her toe to follow the guard down the long corridor. Despite her irritation with Ares, she could feel his raw, sexual energy on her heels. She had since that first night after the fight. Was he like this around all women? She didn’t know the god of war could do that. What she did know was that it was turning her inside out in all the right ways.
The chaos of the casino faded away. The opulence shifted from gaudy to elegant. She glanced out the floor to second story windows to see a hotel across the courtyard. A series of white lit fountains dotted the etched stone set in a pattern in the center of the courtyard. It was majestic. It was beautiful. It was…
Juliet was pulled from her thoughts to find the guard standing there holding the door for her. A plate next to it spelled three simple letters. VIP. By the sheer amount of ginormous security personal standing in the hall it was obvious someone certainly had to be important to be here. She heard Ares chuckle behind her. She threw a particularly wicked elbow into his ribs before she stepped inside.
The place, like so many she had been to since Ares graced her cursed existence, knocked her off guard. She expected leather covered booths, strobe lights, fog machines and go-go dancers. The leather booths were there, each of them tinted in blood red. The walls were draped in black and crimson velvet. Lit candelabras were set on pedestals to give the room just enough light. Even for a vampire the place was terrifying.
But they were dealing with the god of death.
“Ares, my boy. Finally you stop by to say hello,” a voice greeted from nowhere.

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "bean". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet gaped for a few more moments. “Do I have a choice?”
“No, you don’t.”
“Then why did you ask if I was coming? Seems pointless to me.”
“You have this convoluted notion that you’re my servant.”
“Concubine,” Juliet interrupted.
“Whatever. I gave you an option. You actually do have a choice. Do you want to face Hades inside the casino in the privacy of his VIP room or do you want to face him on the city street in front of gods and everybody?”
She waved her hand flippantly. “Just go.”
Ares snorted then strode inside the casino. Juliet stayed on his heels as the weaved through the crowd. The place outdid the gaudiness on the outside. Everything was covered in flaked gold. The detailed images of Greek warriors and ladies were found around every turn. They seemed almost lifelike. Were they those painted actors who pretended to be statues? She reached out and gently stroked the bicep of a discus thrower in mid launch. She gasped as Ares growled and grabbed hold of her wrist.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he demanded.
“Let go of me, you ass.” Juliet yanked her arm free. “I thought it might be a living person pretending to be a statue.”
“He used to be living. He pissed off my uncle. A little talk with Medusa and Midas and my uncle has himself a new statue. So do me a favor. Don’t feel the poor bastard up. You belong to me.”
Juliet smirked at him. “See? Concubine.”
“Juliet, I swear.”
Juliet opened her mouth to lay into Ares. She had it with his bullshit. She clamped her lips shut as two men dressed in black suits stood behind Ares. Each wore sunglasses, cropped military haircuts and a badge that said “security”. They were at least a foot taller than a normal man. They couldn’t be human.
“Your excellency,” one greeted sharply.
Ares huffed a sigh and slowly turned to face the newcomers. “What the fuck do you want?”
“We’ve been sent by your uncle to escort you to his VIP room. He doesn’t want you to start any trouble on the gaming floor.”
“He can’t prove I had anything to do with that fist fight that broke out a week ago.”
The largest of the two motioned past the brilliant colored slot machines and the bean shaped felt covered tables lined with gamblers. “Sir, please.”
Ares looked at Juliet. This time it was his turn to smirk. “Ladies first.”

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "bike". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
The scenery flew by Juliet at a terrifying pace as she clung tight to Ares. The high powered bike she straddled was silent as it glided down the highway. Like the time before, after a long day of bone shattering orgasms, he led her out of the cave somewhere in the worn torn wasteland. A split second later they were in another desert. There wasn’t the sound of artillery fire in the background here. Instead interstate signs sprouted up with the weeds alongside the road. The dull glow of city lights lit up the night sky. By the language of the markers she knew she was in an English speaking country. By the oases of beaten down gas stations and chain fast food restaurants at every interstate exit she could only guess she was in the United States.
The miles of desert slowly grew buildings of bright lights and loud noises. Hoards of people staggered the streets to look at the sights or find a new place to indulge in one of the many sins the city boasted of. Juliet bit her lower lip to keep her mouth from gaping open. Such opulence. Such decadence. She hadn’t seen such wanton behavior since her days in the French court.
Ares pulled the motorcycle to a stop outside a large casino. He growled as a valet hurried to park the bike. Juliet could see the boy quake as he retreated.
She pulled Ares close until she could look in his eyes. “What are we doing in this place?”
He caressed her cheek. “I told you that I want you to meet my uncle Hades. He needs to know that you are the Angel of Death, not me. I get blamed for enough shit.”
“But why here?”
Ares motioned towards the building beside them. “He’s in there. He rules from inside.”
“You’re telling me that the gates of hell are in a Las Vegas casino?”
“Yep, that sums it up pretty well. Are you coming?”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "business". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
​Juliet clenched her hands to her hips as she gritted her teeth. “Again I ask, where are my clothes? How did I end up naked?”
Ares shoved himself off the wall and stalked across the room to her. “I found you asleep in that box. I didn’t think what you were wearing was very comfortable for bed. I didn’t figure you’d mind. I’ve seen you naked before.”
“And you slept where?”
“I didn’t sleep. I had business to attend to.”
She bit her lower lip. Her anger dissipated like the fog on a summer morning. “How did you know where to find me?”
He reached out to pull her close. His hands caressed her hips then her bare ass. He gazed down into her eyes. “I sensed you. Once the chaos in the club died down, I focused my mind and was able to feel where you were.”
She sucked in a sharp breath at his touch. Her heart stampeded in her chest. Butterflies let loose in her belly. “You could sense me?”
“Yes. You’re spirit is like the most exquisite piece of dark chocolate. A little rough at first but once I’ve had a taste I can’t get enough.”
Juliet felt her cold cheeks burn fiery hot. It was the first time in a long time she had a true human emotion. “I didn’t feed per se. At least not like you think.”
Ares kissed her forehead then her cheeks. His lips continued the journey to the curve of her neck. “Where did the streaks of blood come from then? Don’t bullshit me. I know it was human.”
Juliet arched her neck back as he continued his feast. “The guy was in the hospital. He was dying from cancer. He was in so much pain. I ended it.”
Ares pulled back and stared at her. She thought she sensed awe from him. Not that it was possible. The god of war was the most arrogant bastard she ever met. “The Angel of Death.”
Juliet frowned. “How did you know that?”
He chuckled. “I take what I said earlier back. Guess I am going to hell after all. My uncle knows all about you. He accused me of being the Angel of Death. It’s time I introduce you to him and clear my name.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "box". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!
​**Warning - there is adult language.**

The silk beneath Juliet's naked skin caressed her as she shifted in her sleep. She reveled in the softness that wrapped around her like a cocoon. The confusion hit her in her slumber stupor. She found a dilapidated cardboard box in the basement of the abandoned warehouse near the London River. It must have once held a refrigerator or some other large appliance. When the morphine took hold she was curled up inside and fully clothed.
​Juliet shook the fog from her senses. She gathered the sheet to her bare flesh and slowly sat up. Her flight or fight instinct fired up in her belly nearly making her sick. Over the past few centuries she learned how to defend herself. She couldn't remember doing it naked though.
​"I thought you'd never wake up. Good morning, sleepyhead."
​Juliet dropped the sheet as her mouth gaped open. Then she snarled. "Ares. What the unholy hell?"
​Ares grinned at her as he leaned against the rough stone of the staircase of his little cave hideaway. The ceiling was once again the illusion of a clear blue sky. Puffy clouds that reminded her of white cotton candy breezed slowly across. She was baffled. How'd she end up here again? And why was she naked?
​She turned her gaze back to him. The god had a thing for nineties grunge bands. He wore the jeans that flaunted his most delectable features but this time a Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt covered his broad, muscular chest.  "Are we done throwing our temper tantrum?"
​Juliet slid off the mattress and hopped to her feet onto the cold rock floor. Ares sucked in a sharp breath as he stared at her. His tongue ran across his lower lip. She was certain she saw his cock twitch and thicken.
​"Temper tantrum?" she questioned. "You fucking bartered me to that asshole. And then you forfeited. And how the hell did I end up here? And why am I naked?"
​Ares frowned. The sky above them darkened with heavy, charcoal gray clouds. There was the rumble of thunder. "I offered to box him. I said nothing about mixed martial arts."
​"You've beaten guys in the cage."
"I wasn't prepared."
"You're a coward."
​The cave echoed with shards of lightning striking the rocks. "Watch your mouth, Juliet. I found you in that shithole. I'll put you back. Do you turn tricks for blood? Is that what you prefer over me?"
​"Go to hell, Ares."
​"Can't, baby. I'm a god."