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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week's prompt is "pale". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Ares took a moment to bite back his rising temper. Why his mother had to be a bitch to him still baffled him. But then again, she was a bitch to his sister, too. It wasn’t like she played favorites. “Fine. I need a favor.”
Hera reached down to her desk and swept up the stem of the wine glass between her long, pale fingers. She brought it to her lips and took a sip. She glared at him. “If it has to do with that vampire you’re playing with, the answer is no.”
“How do you know about Juliet?”
“You’re father warned us all. He seemed to emphasize it more to me. I believe he actually thought I would help you. I’m beginning to believe that fornicating with all those whores has finally corrupted his brain.”
He growled at her. “So you’re not even going to hear me out.”  
“Why should I? You are the son of the great god Zeus. Maybe you should start acting like it. Be a son a mother could be proud of. I thought you couldn’t stoop any lower when you were sleeping with that tramp Aphrodite. Now I see I was wrong. She’s a cursed, undead creature. I couldn’t bless this if I wanted to. Which I don’t.”
“Then make her undead. You could transform her into anything that would make you happy as long as it’s eternal.”
Her eyes narrowed to thin slits. “You act like you are in love with this...thing.”
“I am.”
She huffed for a moment and stayed silent. Then she spoke. “No. Absolutely not.”
Ares clenched the box so hard in his fist he felt the thin cardboard crack beneath his fingertips. “Even if it would make me happy?”
“Definitely if it would make you happy. I could care less about your happiness.”
He shook his head in disbelief. He spun on the toe of his boot and stormed towards the door. “Thanks, Mom. Great talk. I wouldn’t want to take any more of your time.”
He stopped cold at her voice. “Ares, wait.”
He turned and glared at her. “What?”
Hera set her glass on the desk. He didn’t miss the pout on her face as she brushed a stray strand of blonde hair that escaped her bun from her face. “Aren’t you going to leave my gift?”
He let go an exasperated laugh. “No, Mom. I think I’ll share it with a special girl instead. Have a good day.”
He didn’t stop when she shouted after him. “You’re not supposed to share ambrosia with anyone but us gods. Don’t give any to that vampire you’re sleeping with. Just bring that box back here to me.” Her voice faded away as the front door of the mansion slammed shut behind him.
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Hey everyone! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. 
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**Warning - there may be adult language and adult situations.**
The sound of his boot steps on the granite floor echoed throughout the empty house. Ares frowned. Where was the hired help? Was he too late? Or did Mom turn them into some sort of vermin?
He huffed. He wasn’t lying when he said his mother was a bitch. She manipulated mortals and gods alike. Even him. More than once he was forced to play the good son in her little facade as a senator’s wife. He hated every second at her side dressed in the finest playing her puppet. After he was free of her grasp he binged on alcohol and whores. Or he started a massive war. It depended on his mood.
He stepped inside the study and growled. Hera stood staring out the window into her garden. Out on the lawn, three peacocks strutted in brilliant colors amongst the flower beds. A glass of wine sat next to an aged bottle. The corkscrew that was still drilled into the cork left the pungent scent of alcohol in the room.
She turned slowly and smiled. Her smirk sent chills through his veins. “So what do I owe the honor of the great god of war visiting me?”
“Hey, Mom,” Ares replied. “Day drinking, huh?”
“Ares, I’ve been drinking wine since I came into existence.” She nodded to to white box in his hand. “And is that a gift you’ve brought for me? What do you want from me?”
“Can’t a boy bring his mother a gift without wanting something?”
Hera laughed. Her voice was beautiful but terrifying. He was sure he saw a bird or two drop dead outside. “Please, son. Let’s not pretend we’re the perfect family. I am the queen of the universe. You are the family reject. So I ask again. What do you want?”
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week's prompt is "pocket". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet shook her head in disbelief. “You’re telling me that Lynch is Zeus? The senator who’s been behind all those technology bills being pushed through Congress? The one who’s in the tabloids every other week having another affair but nothing ever comes of it?”
“Think about it. Doesn’t that last description of Lynch sound just like my dad?”
She bit her lower lip anxiously. “Noted. So your mom is Elizabeth Lynch? She’s so freaking beautiful. She’s the senator’s wife that’s always rubbing elbows with the First Lady. She’s influenced a few of her husband’s colleagues to pass some pretty substantial health care bills, especially for women. And doesn’t she have pet peacocks?”
“You sound like Hera’s fangirl.”
“Angel of Death, remember? I spend a lot of time in hospitals. I hate seeing the suffering. So anyone who would want to lessen that is a goddess in my book.”
“Wouldn’t that cut off your food source?”
Juliet shrugged without a word. Ares sighed and continued. “Before you put Mom too high on a pedestal, she’s a certifiable bitch. She is insanely jealous and she doesn’t get people fired. She gets them killed. Dad has to clean up just as many of her messes as she does his. I’m pretty sure my parents hate each other but they need each other. They can’t control themselves so they need the other to make the problem disappear.”
“Like your dad’s indiscretions.”
“Like she just sent a handful of gods to take care of the last one. She sent Hades.”
“You mean this girl is dead? Does she ever call you? You are her son.”
“Hades has a lot of hookers in the underworld thanks to Mom’s jealousy and Dad’s lack of ability to keep his cock out of mortal women. And Mom stopped calling me when I got there before everyone else. The rest of the gods found me in bed with the victim in question in the middle of some pretty deviant things. It was a little hard to kill her when I was balls deep inside her.”
Juliet bit back a growl. “Like father, like son.”
“True except I found love. I don’t think Zeus knows what that is.” Ares pulled a gold pocket watch from his slacks and flipped it open. He studied it for a moment. “I hate to cut off this chat but I need to get to Mom before she leaves for her daily coffee date with the First Lady. She likes to pop a piece of ambrosia just before she leaves.” He held the box in his hand out a bit to her. “Just so happens I was saving a fresh batch for her if I ever needed her. Today’s the day. Nothing is more important than reversing your curse.”
“Ares,” Juliet began.
“Gotta go.” He strode to the bed and pressed a hard, wet kiss to her lips. A moment later he was gone, leaving Juliet alone in the cavern with the brilliant night sky still shining overhead.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week's prompt is "cabinet". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet shook her head. “You’re crazy.”
“Am I? I feel it, Juliet. You may not believe me but I do.” Ares kissed her hard and deep then stood. He set his glass of champagne on the bedside table then strode across the rock floor. Out of thin air an enormous wardrobe appeared. It was twice the length of the bed and at least two feet taller than Ares. By the way it stuck out from the wall, he could step inside and walk around. The designs etched into the silver flecked white marble were inlaid with gold. There was no way possible any mortal could own something like this. It had to hold the clothes of a god.
“Wine me, kiss me and leave me wanting you?” she teased.
Ares chuckled. “Believe me. There’s nothing I want more than to crawl beneath those sheets with you and make you scream my name for hours. I need to do this.” He opened the doors and disappeared closing them behind him.
Juliet frowned as she stared at the sculpted gold cherubs and deer that were carved into the stone of the wardrobe. Was that it? Did he just go without even a goodbye?
The doors flew wide without assistance as Ares stepped out again. His jeans and T-shirt were gone. Instead, he was wearing a pair of black slacks, a black suit coat, white linen shirt and a blood red tie. The wardrobe closed behind him obediently then disappeared. He grinned at Juliet. “How do I look?”
Juliet knew her jaw dropped to her lap as she gaped at him. She didn’t care. All the quick change did was make her want him more. There was just more wrapping on the gift to rip off now. And when the time came for her to do so, she was going to make sure he was screaming her name instead. “You look amazing. Why the change in duds?”
Ares strode towards the stone staircase. A cabinet appeared just like the wardrobe, this time with blood red carvings etched into onyx. It opened as he neared. He reached in and pulled free a long white box wrapped with a scarlet ribbon. “Mom hates it when I show up looking like a slob. Her words exactly. She says it desecrates her home and my father’s image.”
“Wow. The gods are that particular about Olympus?”
“They are. But that’s not where my parents are living.”
“Where else could the king and queen of the Greek gods live?”
Ares laughed. It sounded like thunder as it echoed off the walls of the cavern. “Where all men of power live. Washington D.C. My dad has a second career as a United States Senator. Ever heard of Senator Alastair Lynch? That’s my dad. It’s Zeus.”

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week's prompt is "cozy". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
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**Warning - there is adult language.**
Juliet took the flute from him with a smirk. “Guess this means you’re done getting cozy with me?”
Ares sat down on the mattress next to her and took a sip of champagne. “What makes you say that?”
“You saw me feed. You looked like you were about to hurl.”
He chuckled. “Yeah. I’m sorry, beautiful, but that was disgusting.” He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her against him. “No, that whole incident reminded me that I’m straying off course. I want to destroy Antonius slowly but first things first. I need to work my charm on my family and find someone to change you. And Pan’s right. The first one I’m going to is Mom. She hates me as much as Dad does but if Dad has pissed her off enough she might just do it.”
Juliet sipped at her bubbly liquid then spoke. “So in the cave. Was that your true form? I mean as in Greek god?”
“Yeah, That was me.”
“You have to get some looks if you’re parading around in the middle of a war like that.”
“When I’m working, I’m invisible. When you watch the sun rise to you see Helios driving his chariot?”
“Sweetheart, I haven’t seen the sun rise in centuries.”
She felt Ares cringe beneath her touch. “My bad.”
“You’re forgiven. But yes, I get your point. Then why did I see you?”
He dipped his head towards hers until he captured her lips with his. His deep, soul wrenching kiss left her lips bruised. “Because our souls are connected.”
“Got bad news for you there. I’m a vampire. I have no soul.”
“I beg to differ. It may be decayed but it’s there. Maybe Antonius didn’t get the job done like he thought.”
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Like our new look? I love it! Great job, Jean Joachim!
This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. Given the story I am working on, the picture prompt below may seem a little odd. Go with me. It'll make sense.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there may be adult language and adult situations.**
Juliet tilted the disfigured head to the side until she could make out his jugular. Then she bared her fangs and sunk them into his flesh. Ares wasn’t kidding when he said this guy just passed. His blood was still warm on her tongue.
Once she was done, she sat back on his heels and wiped her chin with the back of her hand. She glanced up to see Ares staring off in the other direction. The god, in all of his holy splendor, looked a little green around the gills. She took a second to take him in before she spoke. “I’m done.”
“Great.” The light in his hands extinguished leaving her in the dark. A second later she was standing in his cavern again. She let out a heavy sigh as she unbuttoned her dress and let it slip down her body until it pooled at her feet on the stone floor. She didn’t know whether it was day or night anymore. Her belly was full and her eyes were sore. It was time to get some sleep. She tossed back the silk sheets of Ares’s massive bed and slipped between them. Then she laid her head on the pillow.
“You aren’t going to bed yet, are you?”
Juliet bolted up from the pillow and spun towards the voice. Ares stood beside the bed once again dressed in a pair of worn jeans and a Pearl Jam T-shirt. In each hand he held a champagne flute filled nearly to the brim. The cavern ceiling above was dark and filled with stars. The floor around them was scattered with rose petals so fresh their scent was thick in the air.
He held a flute out to her. “We’ve seen each other in our real state. Maybe we should talk.”

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! 
This week's prompt is "angry". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there is adult language.**
Ares stared off into the dark. Juliet watched him as she frowned confused. The forest around them came to life. The air filled with the sounds of creatures coming out of hiding. Some she could make out. Others didn’t sound human.
“Ares?” she pried.
He sighed. “I have to go.”
“Go? Go where?”
He turned back to her and gazed in her eyes. “Let’s just say I have to go to work.”
“You have a fight.”
“I have a war.”
Her voice squeaked. “Oh.”
“I’ll send you home first.”
Juliet bit her lower lip. “Can you send me somewhere else? I’m sorry, baby. The burn is setting in. I’m trying to fight it but the pain will follow. And then I get really angry.”
He grinned at her. “Trust me?”
“Of course.”
“All right. Go home. I’ll get you when I’m ready.”
Before Juliet could respond she was standing in the cave next to the large, plush bed. She paced the cavern as she stared up at the ceiling above. When her lover wasn’t there it was just stone. She missed the blue sky and fluffy clouds. She huffed sadly. She missed him, his warm flesh, his sweet kiss, even his sour mood.
She gasped as the cavern around her melted away. A split second she found herself in another, one that was pitch black. For being that dark, it surprised her that it was hot and arid. She blinked a few times to adjust her sight.
Juliet looked around her puzzled. “Where? Ares? Are you there?”
There was a soft glow that illumined him as he cupped his hands together. The sight stole her breath. He wasn’t dressed in a grunge rock band t-shirt and jeans like he normally wore. Instead he was clothed in a white chiton stained with crimson.   The garment accentuated the tattoos on his biceps and chest but now he bore a few celestial images etched into his flesh. A large sword was bound to his hip with a gold cord. She couldn’t see the source of the light.
He nodded to the floor. “There.”
She glanced down at her feet to find a body lying there covered in blood. She couldn’t make out his nationality by his ragged clothes. Whatever happened to him distorted his features.
“Is he?” she asked.
“Dead. Yeah. Roadside bomb. Just happened. Do your thing.”
The words escaped her lips before she could stop them. “Aww, you got me takeout.”
“Juliet, seriously. I’m on the clock here.”
She blinked at him stunned then dropped to her knees next to the body.
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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Sorry I was gone last week!
This week's prompt is "hideous". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there is adult language.**
The snap of a twig tore Juliet and Ares attention away from each other. Pan had followed them and was standing amongst the trees illuminated by a pure white beam of moonlight. She didn’t know a goat could shuffle its hooves like Pan was his. He fidgeted like a bashful teenage boy about to ask his crush on a date.
“Yes?” Ares questioned. Juliet could see him fighting back an amused grin at the younger god.
“I’ll ask around for you,” Pan answered. “I mean, for this Antonius guy. If you want.”
“I would appreciate that, thank you.”
“I didn’t mean to offend, old man.”
“No harm, no foul. I need to get a sense of humor. It was kind of funny.”
Juliet laid her head on his shoulder as she hugged him tight. She closed her eyes to try to sense him. His emotion came off him in soft, warm waves. Contentment. Joy. Love. In a way it was an odd combination for the god of war. She could feel an awkwardness to it. But he wasn’t fighting it. Instead he was enjoying the change. She sighed deeply as snuggled closer to him.
Pan scuffed a hoof in the scattered leaves. “And I’ll ask around the gods to see if there is anyone who will help you. You know.” Pan pointed at Juliet. “To change her.”
Ares frowned. “Pan, you don’t have to do that. I can ask around. Don’t get on my Dad’s bad side. He’s pretty fond of you.”
Pan shrugged. “I talk more to the inner sanctum than you do since you tend to piss them all off. I know that there are a couple Zeus has angered. I hear your Mom is on the top of the list. If I understood right, some of the more prominent gods have been called in to clean up a mess he made between him and this hideous Washington DC prostitute he slept with before it becomes one of those scandals on television. Hades has even left Vegas to lend a hand. A Washington senator and a hooker. Seems cliche almost. It’s funny how quickly his liaisons are brought to light these days. Bet he regrets technology now, huh? Remember when we’d have to wait for someone like Homer to write them down?”
Ares chuckled. “I do. Those were the good old days.”
“They were. I’ll be in touch. I have to go. I have a wood nymph waiting for me.” He bowed low towards the couple. “Miss, it was good to meet you. I will see you both soon.” Ares and Juliet held each other in silence as they watched the young god disappear into the woods.

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! Sorry I was gone last week!
This week's prompt is "greasy". ​ 
We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there is adult language.**
Pan stared at him, his eyes wide with shock. Ares huffed. “It’s not the first time you’ve heard me say that. It’s probably not the first time this week.”
Pan shrugged. “Yeah. But usually it’s a warlord or a world leader or some puny fighter. But a vampire? What makes you want to kill…” Pan’s voice trailed off as he glanced at Juliet. “Oh. He bit her, didn’t he?”
“You’re quick there, Pan. He did more than turn her. For the evil he did I want his blood. Can you help me or not?”
Pan bit his lower lip. Juliet smiled a little. It was kind of adorable. She fought it back when she heard Ares growl.
“I could talk to Eros and have him ask around,” Pan replied.
“Why would you ask that greasy little shit?” Ares demanded.
“Isn’t that greasy little shit your son?”
“It’d be great if he could keep it in his pants.”
Pan pursed his lips while he shuffled his hooves uncomfortably. Ares balled up his fists by his sides. “What is your problem?”
Juliet laughed. “Pot calling the kettle black maybe?”
Ares scowled at her. Pan pointed at Juliet and chuckled. “That.”
“Fuck it. I’m wasting my time,” Ares threw up his hands and stormed off through the trees. Juliet watched him go for a moment. She grinned at Pan then took off. Her extreme speed had her stopped in front of Ares in a second.
“Get the fuck out of my way,” he warned.
Juliet tugged him to her and parted his lips with hers. He sunk into it as he pulled her against him.
She nuzzled her nose against his as they parted. “Guess I didn’t fall in love with a god with a sense of humor.”
Ares brushed a lock of hair from her face. “For your information, it’s been in my pants for everyone but you since I met you.”
“Good. Because you belong to me.”

"Ditto, sweetheart."

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Hey everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales! This week is a picture prompt and our excerpts are 300 words. ​ We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance.
​​Make sure you check out the other amazing Tuesday Tales!

**Warning - there is adult language and adult situations.**
A rustle of branches tore the attention from each other. Ares stepped between Juliet and the noise. A creature stepped out illumined in the glow of the moon. From the waist down he was a goat. From the waist up he had the body of a handsome, well built man in his twenties. Dark brown hair fell down in long waves past his goat horns.
She heard Ares let out a long, slow breath before he spoke. “Pan.”
A smile spread across Pan’s lips. “Ares, it’s good to see you, old man.”
Ares strode across the moonlit forest floor to the young god. “Watch the old man cracks, kiddo. How’ve you been?”
“Great.” Pan stretched to look around Ares. “Who’s the pretty lady? A little gothic for your tastes.”
Ares glanced back at Juliet with a sinful grin. “Juliet, I’d like you to meet Pan, god of the wild, shepherds, flocks, rustic crap he tries to pass off as music. Oh and he’s the companion of nymphs if you get my meaning. Pan, this beauty is Juliet and she is mine.”
Pan’s brow furrowed as he stared at Juliet. “The vampire.”
Ares glared at him. “How do you know she’s a vampire?”
“Your dad already sent us the memo. He said that you are looking for help to change her into anything but a vampire. Or mortal. We aren’t to get involved. If we do, we have to deal with Zeus himself.”
“Son of a bitch.” Ares shook his head as he clenched his hands to his hips. “I didn’t figure you could change her. I need you to look for someone else.”
“Like who?”
“Like a vampire named Antonius. Can you ask around? See if your nymphs might know where he is?”
“Of course. But why are you looking for him?”
"I want him dead."