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It is coming! I can tell you that its name is Compromised. I can tell you that you get to meet Colin Morrison in the flesh (wait...hasn't he been dead since book one?) And I can tell you that your favorite big, bad Irishman and his lovely lady have one last adventure.
What I can't tell you is when you get to read it. I am about halfway through but a certain family of werewolves kind of commanded my attention. 
I promise Compromised is coming. I promise I will do my very best to make it worth it.
And because I love all of you so much...here is a teaser from Compromised.
​Abbey followed Sloan through the foyer to the glass double doors of the penthouse. She could feel Gordon on her heels. Sloan threw open the doors and stepped inside. The three of them were met by a half dozen semi-automatic rides pointed at them. Abbey instinctive raised her hands in surrender. She noticed Sloan and Gordon do the same.
“Put the weapons down, fellas,” a deep Irish brogue commanded. “They’re family.”
A man about Gordon’s age, the same one Abbey saw in Belfast, walked around the corner. His ice blue eyes, salt and pepper hair and angular face were nearly identical to Sloan’s. The similarities were uncanny. He grinned as he studied each of them. “Relax. No one is dying here.”
“What do you want?” Sloan demanded as he lowered his hands. Gordon and Abbey did the same.
“I told you. We must talk about Project Snowfall.”
“It doesn’t concern you.”
“It doesn’t? Did the CIA bother to tell you about it’s value on the black market? Did they tell you that their delicate house of cards is falling apart?”
Abbey frowned. “What about Project Snowfall? It’s secured, isn’t it?”
Sloan lowered his head, shaking it. “Abigail, not now.”
“Tom, you need to tell her,” Colin advised.
“Stay out of our family affairs,” Gordon warned, a snarl in his voice.
“Your family, McKenna? This is my family too. And this goes beyond our family. This affects billions of lives,” Colin replied.
Abbey looked into Sloan’s ice blue eyes. “Tell me what’s going on, Sloan. Where is Snowfall?”
Sloan sighed. “Luv.”
“Son, if it’s too difficult then allow me.” Colin paced toward the glass windows that overlooked downtown Manhattan. “So you know that your old friend Torelli stole the plans to Snowfall. They were held on a tiny chip no bigger than the nail on your pinky finger. He had to get Snowfall out of Afghanistan safely before he was suspected. He brought in an ex-Army medic who still had clearance.”
“Stockmeier,” Abbey concluded.
“Aye, lass. Stockmeier hid the chip in the brain stem of a subject. Torelli’s plan was to sedate the subject and ship the human. Once his buyer received the subject carrying the chip, it could be removed and the subject was the buyer’s to do with as they pleased.”
“So what does that have to do with my family? Who did Torelli plant the chip inside?”
A tense silence filled the penthouse. Finally Colin spoke. “Lad?”
“Shut it, Colin.” Sloan’s face was hard and angry.
Abbey raised her voice. “Who is carrying the chip? Someone answer me!”
Sloan lowered his head. “You are, Abigail.”
Abbey’s brow creased as she glared at him. “You said we were done with CIA. But in reality you’ve been on a mission all these years to protect the plans.”
“That’s not everything,” Colin added. “Tom, tell her what the CIA truly ordered you to do.”
Sloan growled low. “Colin, shut your bloody arse before I do it for you.”
The sound of cocking guns filled the space. Abbey sucked in a panicked breath as she was face to face with the barrel end of a gun again. “Is that any way to talk to your father?”
“You aren’t my da.” Sloan pointed to Gordon. “He’s my da. He raised me. He fed me. He taught me right from wrong.”
“He taught you to be a terrorist.”
“You weren’t one?”
“I served my government.”
“Against your own people.”
“Stop it!” Abbey shouted. She spun at Sloan. “What did the CIA order you to do with Snowfall?”
Colin sneered. “Go ahead, son. Tell her what you are supposed to do if Snowfall is compromised.”
Sloan glared at his father as he clenched his fists at his sides. Abbey could see the hatred seething from him. “Sloan, what are your orders?”
Sloan spoke through gritted teeth. “To retrieve the chip no matter the cost.”
“So let’s go find a neurosurgeon. Let’s get it out and destroy it.”
“Do you remember those headaches you’ve had? Remember the scans? We’ve found the chip. The chip is embedded in your brain stem. Stockmeier implanted it in a place where it can’t be removed unless…”
Abbey swallowed hard. “To get the chip you have to kill me.”
Sloan’s voice was barely a whisper. “Aye.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today we are working with a picture prompt. We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here
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Ares didn’t move. He didn’t even flinch. “What do you want, Athena? Daddy send you to check up on me? Don’t you have a four star general to seduce?”
She laughed as she playfully slugged him in the shoulder. “I can’t come see my favorite half brother?”
“I’m nobody's favorite. Not Mom’s. Not Dad’s. Not yours. Try again.”
“I wanted to see what you were up to. I looked in the first place I guessed you would be. You have a strange little obsession with this place.”
Finally Ares turned to face Athena. His teeth were clenched. “I own this place. Every last inch. Every last drop of alcohol. Do you know what kind of chaos alcohol causes? It makes sane men fight. What other members of my degenerate family are here?”
Athena flipped a hand towards the bar. A balding man in a purple linen shirt hovered over a shot glass of amber liquid. The bottle it came from laid on its side bone dry. She sighed. “Dionysus really needs to stick to wine. He doesn’t handle whiskey well.”
“Dionysus can have whatever he wants here.” He wove his fingers between Juliet’s and tugged her into the crowd. Juliet shot one last look at the blonde before she disappeared. “So that’s…”
“Athena. My half sister. Dad sends her to check up on me. He thinks it’ll keep me in line. He’s couldn’t be more wrong.”
He stopped and stared into her eyes. She could swear she could see constellations embedded in there. “Yeah. Zeus.”
He didn’t say another word as he led her through the mob to the edge of the ring. She studied him in the dim light as he watched the carnage unfolding. He had a smirk on his face. He was fully enjoying the bloodshed before him.
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "stone". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here
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The click of Juliet’s heels on the cobble stone street was a melody in her ears. She glanced around the damp, dank alleyway. The smell of urine was almost overpowering. She slipped her hands into the black overcoat she wore as she picked up her pace to catch up with Ares.
He wasn’t shitting her when he said they might be in the Middle East. After the sun set, he led her out to a moon lit desert. The sand in front of her and the stars above her seemed to go on for eternity. A split second later they were in this cess pool.
She took a moment to study her new lover. In the dim light of the alley Ares was a force to be reckoned with. He changed into a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black jeans before they left. He was sculpted like a Greek god. Then again, from what he told her, he was one. His thick, dark hair was tussled just right to be mind-blowingly sexy. His deep, dark eyes were cold and hard as he strode past the hookers and bums who move aside to watch him pass.
Ares stepped up into the threshold of a red brick building. The sounds of shouting and laughter echoed from within. He shot a devious grin to her. “Coming?”
“Didn’t think you knew I was here,” Juliet quipped back.
“Maybe you should stop acting like my concubine.” He motioned for her to go inside. She met his glare as she passed. She felt his hand caress her ass as he followed her inside.
Juliet’s eyes widened as she took in the scene inside. It was an old warehouse but the floor was packed with people, mostly men. There was a thin layer of smoke from cigars and cigarettes that permeated the air. A makeshift bar lined one side of the building with a shelf of bottles of all shapes and colors mounted behind it. In the center of the floor a boxing ring was set up. Two men bloody and beaten were slugging each other for all they were worth.
Juliet caught sight of the blonde out of the corner of her eye as she wrapped her long fingers around Ares’s shoulder. The vampire growled at the new woman’s perfect breasts, long slender legs and perfect body. It had been a really long time since Juliet felt jealousy. At the moment she was consumed with with.
“Ares. How did I know you would be here?”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "purple". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here
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She let her gaze wander up and down him. His shirt had fallen just right to tease the trail of dark hair that led from his belly button to  the purple woven belt that snaked around the waistband of his jeans. She knew where the trail led. She spent the night worshipping its final destination. She admired his broad chest hidden beneath the shirt, the strong, chiseled arms, the angular chin peppered with stubble. She stared into his dark eyes. They seemed to hold the secrets of the cosmos. As as soon as she started looking, she tore herself away. Come on, Juliet. Don’t do it. No man is worth falling in love with. You should remember that. You live a cursed life because you fell in love with a man.
She felt the bed shift beneath her. Feather soft kisses sprinkled across her shoulders and neck. Strong hands wrapped tight around her biceps to keep her still. “Baby, you don’t have to love me. It’s probably better you don’t. I don’t want your heart. I want your surrender.”
Juliet’s mouth fell open as her eyes fluttered shut. This man stole her breath, her soul. She had no choice but to give herself to him. She licked her lips as she struggled to find the words to say. “If you’re the god of war, then why are you fighting in a cage? Shouldn’t you be in the Middle East or some place like that?”
He chuckled. “Who says we’re not?”
Juliet’s gaze rose to the ever-changing blue sky above her. Ares continued. “Wars today are planned. Troop movements are dictated in a board room. That’s not my style. Strategic war is my half-sister, Athena’s, thing. She’s having the time of her life. Me? I need chaos. I need passionate bloodshed. I need warriors who act on instinct, not because some general thousands of miles away told them where to step. What better place is there for battle like that than in a cage? Fighters prepare themselves, yes. They study their opponent's strengths and weakness. And when that door closes? Glorious chaos ensues.” He wrapped his arms around her and caressed her breasts in his palms. “Now, enough of this. I have business to attend to tonight. I’m taking you along. I need much more of you before then.”
She melted into him as he feasted on the curve of her neck. All she could do is whimper in response. “Please, Ares. I am yours.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "hug". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here
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Juliet hugged the sheet to her. Ares cocked his head at her. “After I rocked your world, you’re still afraid of me? You wouldn’t be the first.”
She frowned at him. “I should be. But I’m not. You can’t keep me here.”
Ares hovered over her, his gaze locking with hers. She trembled at his stare, at his closeness to her. So she lied. She was afraid of him. He was a Greek god – or so he said. How else would he know what she was before she could strike?
He pulled back from her and pointed up the steps. “Go. You’re free to go.”
She scowled. “You said it was noon.”
“I did, didn’t I? It looks like it’s in your best interest to stay with me. You stay. Or you die.”
“I’m your slave.”
His lips were on hers before she could protest. The taste of his kiss, the caress of his tongue on hers turned her inside out. As they parted, he murmured. “You need to give me time to reverse your curse.”
“To make me mortal.”
“Can’t happen. Yeah, I’ve been with mortals. None of them compare to you.”
“How do I compare to Aphrodite?”
Ares cringed at her words like she kicked him in the gut. It was more than obvious that she hit a weak spot. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
“Sore subject?”
“You could say that.”
“So if you’re not going to make me mortal, then what curse do you plan to reverse?”
Ares settled on the bed next to her then laid back on the blood red silk pillows with his fingers laced behind his head. “I want to give you the ability to walk during the day. I have sources.”
“You’re going to talk to your father, Zeus?”
He growled. “Why are you so obsessed with my family? For a French chick, you’re have a creepy knowledge of Greek deities.”
“I enjoyed reading Greek mythology.”
Ares didn’t have to sit up to intimidate her. His glare, his voice was so cold she shivered. “Myths are tales. They’re not really. Touch me, baby. You sure as hell know I’m really. It’s time you believe in me.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! Today's word prompt is "staple". We are back with Juliet and Ares in my paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here. This excerpt starts where that left off.
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Juliet searched around her as she tugged the blood red silk sheet to her naked body. There might have been a clear, blue sky above her but the walls were rock. It took a few moments to take everything in. Finally her gaze stopped on Ares staring down from the ledge above her. She groaned as she slowly calmed down. The image of him dressed in tight fitting jeans and a nineties band t-shirt set loose the lust in her again.
Juliet bit her lip. “Where am I?” She pointed to the ceiling. “And what is that?”
Ares studied her then descended the stone staircase from above. “The sun was just about to come up. I didn’t figure you’d want to stick around until it did. Here, you’re safe. It’s a little past noon right now and look, you’re still here and kicking.” He looked up at the ceiling. “And that is an illusion. I’m a god. I thought I would do something nice for you. It’s probably been awhile since you’ve seen a summer sky.”
“Just before the French Revolution.”
“So you’re French. Nice.”
“Why did you bring me here?”
Ares stopped at the foot of the large, round bed she was lying in and crossed his arms over his broad chest. “I told you. The sun was coming up.”
She cocked her head to the side, letting her ebony curls fall down her bare shoulder. “You could have sent me back to my place. Or just let me burn to ashes at sun up. Try again.”
He smirked at her. “I told you. You belong to me. You are mine. No mortal can screw me like you did. Besides, we share the same staple to our existence. Blood. You drink it. I shed it.”
“I don’t belong to anyone. I’ve been like this for over two centuries. I can take care of myself.”
He knelt on the mattress and crawled his way to her. “I will change your mind.”
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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Tuesday Tales! I have to apologize. We are going to veer away from the Hallow Brothers. In the next few weeks (possibly months) I'm going to concentrate on a paranormal/Greek god romance. This all started with a speed write I did about a month ago. You can find the beginning by clicking here. This excerpt starts where that left off.
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Juliet felt the ache resonate through her body before her senses came to her. It had been a long time since sex left her hurting. It wasn’t that Ares was rough with her. On the contrary, he was the most gentle and tender lover she ever had in the few centuries she walked this cursed planet. But they went all night with very few moments to rest. It had to be just before dawn when she fell asleep on his shoulder.
She clenched her eyes closed tight. Ares. The Greek god of war. She thought she had lined up another victim to feast on. The fighter she chose was quite a specimen for a mortal man. Except he wasn’t a man. He was a god. A fucking Greek god. Fabulous.
She let out a tiny moan at the feel of silk against her naked skin. She didn’t remember this from the night before. Had the sex made her that delirious? She didn’t think so. She yawned as she slowly fluttered her eyes open.
Above her was the bluest skin she had ever seen. It was peppered with white, fluffy, cotton ball like clouds. The stream of sunshine warmed her. Memories of her past life, of days in the French court filled her mind. It felt peaceful.
Her heart slammed into her throat then pounded uncontrollably. She whimpered. Sunlight meant death. That son of a bitch knew she was a vampire. He left her out in the sunlight to die. She trembled violently as she frowned. As high up as it was, she should have already been dead. Where the hell was she? She searched around her frantically.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.”
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "mother". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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He took her hand in his then led her back to Henry. Glancing over his shoulder, he scowled. Josiah wasn’t the only one nosing into their business. They had a full audience now including his mother. Fantastic.
He turned back to his mates, shutting the rest of the world out. “The tattoos on your back are the marks of my ancestors. When we have sex with the ones chosen for us, they appear.”
Delilah laughed as she shook her head. “I have studied cultures from all over the world. None of them have this sort of mystic voodoo.”
“You keep saying cultures, Delilah. I said species.”
“Species indicate not human. Are you saying you’re not human?”
“Not entirely. My mother is human. My father was not.”
“And your father was?”
The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them. It was a relief to share his deepest, most intimate secret with someone finally. “A werewolf. Just like I am.”
Delilah’s smile faded. “A werewolf, huh? Do you think we’re stupid? Don’t insult our intelligence.”
“I’m not kidding.”
“Werewolves are mythical creatures. I want solid, scientific fact. That’s what I base my life on.”
“Well, sweetheart. You’re going to be in for a surprise.”
Samuel didn’t realize he was still holding his truck keys until they were torn from his hand. He met Henry’s angry, confused glare.
“You said you loved me,” Henry accused.
“I do, baby. You know that.”
“Then you tell me a bullshit lie? A story so far fetched it’s folklore? If you didn’t want me to meet your family, fine. You don’t have to humiliate me in front of them.”
Samuel’s voice broke as he pleaded with Henry. “Please, stop. Listen to me. I swear to you that I’m telling you the truth.”
Henry glared at him for a few moments more. Then he took Delilah’s hand. Together they stormed off to Samuel’s truck. Deep down in his gut, Samuel knew he should run after them, stop them, move heaven and earth to keep them there.
Instead he stayed rooted to the ground as they hopped in and sped off through the trees.
“Dude, they just stole your truck,” Ezekiel said, a hint or awe to his voice.
Samuel couldn’t answer. His heart was shattered pieces in his chest. He told the man he loved the truth, then watched him walk away and leave him. And Delilah? He didn’t know what he felt for her but watching her go tore him apart.
“Never fear, bro,” Josiah remarked. “They can’t go far. Eternal bond, remember? They’ll be back. The only question is how long you can go without your wheels.”

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "life". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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​Samuel snarled. “Fuck you.”
Josiah shook his head. “For fuck sakes, Sam. You don’t have to cry about it. It’s not new. Mike and Cay have already been marked. So just take the fucking shirt off.”
Samuel growled as he grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and tugged it off over his head. The warm sunlight kissed his skin as he turned his back to his brother. “Happy?”
“Nice. It looks nice. I’m guessing the hot redhead has one too?”
Sam turned back to him. “No shit, Sherlock.”
“Calm down, bro. But Sam, we’ve talked. No one is allowed up here. The more people from the outside world that we bring up here increases our chance of being discovered for who we really are.” Josiah pointed to Henry. “He can’t be here.”
Samuel took a deep breath then looked back at Henry. The aggravated tone he had used with his brother suddenly disappeared. His words were soothing. “Henry, take off your shirt and turn around.”
“Sam, I don't understand why I need to do that,” Henry protested.
Samuel sighed. “Please, baby. Just do it.”
“Baby?” Josiah’s voice echoed through the clearing.
Samuel watched Henry’s gaze dart from Josiah to Samuel. He slowly let go of Delilah and stripped his shirt off and spun around until his back faced the brothers. Samuel couldn’t breathe as he took in the intricate design etched into Henry’s skin.
“What the hell?” Josiah stammered. “There has to be a mistake.”
“There’s no mistake,” Samuel replied. “I have two mates. Henry belongs here just as much as anyone else. All those times you thought I was off banging some woman? I was with Henry. We’ve been together for a year now. I just met Delilah last night.”
He felt a tug on his arm. He looked down to find Delilah glaring at him. “Mates? What is about us being your mates?”
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Hi everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week's word prompt is "life". We're back with Samuel in Heavyweight, the third book of the Hallow Brothers Series. **There is some adult language in this excerpt.**
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The city of Duluth faded into farmland as the truck sped north along the highway. Samuel’s thoughts scrambled as he forced himself to focus on the road. His family was going to freak out when they arrived. They didn’t react well when they found out Caleb and Micah had mated. When Samuel showed up with not one, but two mates? His mother was going to have a coronary.
But that wasn’t his only concern. What about Henry and Delilah? Henry loved his books. Delilah told him that she was a renown archeologist. Could they adjust to his life? Would they accept what he truly was? He shook his head. It was all too much to figure out.
“Sam?” Henry asked softly.
“Where the hell are we going?”
“I told you that I lived out of town.” He looked ahead. He could see Sharky’s Garage along the side of the road. The thick ridge of woods loomed in the distance.
“How far out of town?” Delilah asked. There was hesitation in her voice.
“You’re going to want to hang on, sweetheart.”
Before she could respond, he sped up the thin lane that led into the forest. The truck shuddered as it climbed up the rut covered road. Branches scraped deep along the sides. This trip didn’t bother Samuel. He had taken this road thousands of times. But by the gasps and groans coming from the other side of the truck, Henry and Delilah weren’t so confident.
Delilah gripped onto the hands that never left her thighs. “Where the fuck are you taking us?”
“You keep telling me what a high class lady you are but you use language like that?” Sam countered.
Her icy glare changed his tune. He continued. “We’re almost there. You won’t die.”
Sunlight broke through the thick trees. A moment later, the clearing appeared. Sam slowed then maneuvered the vehicle to a stop next to the other cars. He climbed out and started across the camp towards his cabin.
“Who are your friends, Sam?”
Sam stopped dead in his tracks at his older brother’s voice. Josiah leaned against the rail of the deck leading to the Family Building. Samuel glanced back at Henry and Delilah following him. The clung to each other as they took in the buildings and surrounding forest.
Josiah continued. “Do me a favor. Take your shirt off.”